Show don’t tell…

Showing not telling is when you desribe what the emotions look like instead of just saying how a character is feeling. This is what we did during a lesson. I hope you like it!

A 46 year old man is angry with his teenage daughter. He has given her everything, a great home, her own credit card, a car and she barely talks to him, in fact recently, she can hardly look him in the face. Last night she texted him to say that she’s going on a six month holiday to travel the world, which she expects him to fund.
Harriet walked into the house, slamming the door behind her, her dad clenched his eyes shut and winced as the hallway shook. She stomped up the stairs and he opened his eyes “HARRIET WILL YOU STOP THAT?!” Craig yelled becoming red faced, he followed her up the stairs and sharply knocked on her bedroom door, eyebrows furrowed, Harriet opened the door “what?” she snapped “what’s this about a holiday?” Craig snapped back
“nothing for you to concern yourself with” she said rudely “all I need is six months off college to travel the world” she said absent mindedly playing with her long blonde hair. “Pardon” her father said through gritted teeth
“you need to give me ¬£5,000” she replied, his eyes became slits as the number whirled around in his head, his daughter was becoming impossible, he took a shaky breath “what” he growled making his hands into fists¬†
“you heard” she replied as if he were stupid
“I cannot believe you’d ask me that!” he shouted, his bloodshot eyes standing out against his ghostly pale face, he turned and left her room, filled with a rage unlike any other.


A Flash Fic

For my AS creative writing we were asked to write our very own 6 Word Stories, so here are mine, I hope you enjoy!

“Once a murderer, always a murderer”
“I’m sorry, but you deserve better”
“I want to be somebody else”

Thank you for reading. If you have any comments please feel free to share them.

Katherine =)