Thought of the day

Have you ever stopped and noticed something beautiful? Something so mundane to one person, yet beautiful to another. Well, today, I did. I was on the campus bus home and I was gazing out of the window when I noticed the car headlights in the distance. And they looked beautiful, like the stars of the road, they twinkled, glistened and snaked down the hill. They looked beautiful. Well, to me anyway.


Weird dream… no really. It is weird

Basically I woke up this morning and I actually said outloud to myself “WHAT!?”. Let me explain why.

My dream last night consisted of these things…. A Liger(Lion/Tiger cross), a foreign country, a train and David Tennent…. and I am pretty sure that I have had a dream similar to this before. I need help….

I am a fail…

So today I was at a uni trip and we watched the begining of Gnomeo and Juliet… All seems perfectly normal. Except that I nearly died with fright. Let me explain… It was the part where the gnome is having those hooks pushed towards him during the prologue, so after the second one I was sat waiting for the third, except the third didn’t come. Instead the gnome fell through the trap door. I was not expecting this so I physically jumped out of my seat and gasped stupidly loudly. The whole room found it hilarious… Including teachers, strangers and myself.
This is the reason I don’t watch horrors. I get scared too easily.

South of France, mini travel writing.

The South of France is a beautiful place, a polar opposite to England where the land is grass covered. The South of France has little grass, not little size wise, little as in quantity. The hot climate causes the ground to be dry, dark and dusty. The views are ones of mountains, beaches, vineyards and terracotta roofed Mediterranean apartments and villas.

The Old Curiosity Shop

The Old Curiosity Shop is the oldest shop in Sycamore Village. No one can remember when it first arrived, as if it came in the dead of night, like a barn owl The Old Curiosity Shop is a nocturnal being. Dusty brown walls jut out at different angles. The old chimney sticks out of the roof like a witches nose, every evening smoke gently escapes the chimney pot and vanishes again against the dark evening sky.
But nothing can prepare you for whats inside. Shelf after shelf lined with stained glass bottles an jars, old books with yellowed pages scattered oak tables, the room is full of antique treasures inspiring dreams in childrens young minds. What were the olden days like?

11/11/13 my thoughts…

Blimey, November the 11th already!? And with November comes cold, dark and rainy evenings and mornings. Now don’t get me wrong I love England and English weather. But I can’t be doing with walking to buses in darkness. I’ll be needing a torch soon! Anyway in other news, today is Remembrance day, which is a wonderful day giving respect and thanks to the men and women who went to war for our country. But, every minute silence I do I laugh, I don’t know why because it isn’t even funny, but since the age of 10 I have laughed to myself in the silence. This needs to stop!

Right, that’s all from me. Goodbye for now.

Saturday Poem

Feeling as though your best isn’t enough
Is like wanting to swim but the sea’s too rough
Your goal is looking out of sight
Although you’re trying with all your might
Tears are falling down your face
You feel like you can never win this race
But know that this feeling will fade like rain
And with it will be the end of the emotional strain
Never be doubtful of your own mind
Follow the path however it winds
You can be the sharp side of the knife
Because you are the author of the story of your life…