BBC1 have come up with a new fantasy adventure series. Atlantis. Almost everyone has heard the word Atlantis before. Whether it’s the TV show, the “mythological” place or the sea (ok so technically that’s the Atlantic, but you get my idea). So having the show on primetime Saturday evening telly on BBC1 seems like a good idea. I assume that because you are reading this review you haven’t seen it yet and you’re debating whether you should or not. Sadly for you 4 episodes have already been on TV, happily for you however, is the fact there’s technological wonders, like IPlayer! Hooray I hear you cry! Anyway enough idle chit chat, let’s get onto the review.
The basic plot: Well, without giving too much away, the story is about the main, rather attractive, character Jasons adventures in Atlantis. He arrived at the mythological place naked, ooh err, by falling through the ocean in a “time portal” like fashion. Almost immediately he’s in trouble and gets rescued by his sidekicks, who are called, brace yourselves, Pythagoras and Hercules! Oh the joys of maths! But don’t panic, as yet no maths has been included, instead humour has been a crucial role in this show. With Hercules being the butt, and the teller of some amazing one liners, bravo writers for providing gems like “I haven’t kissed a goat” and “I never knew a fat man could run so fast”. Each episode is a separate plot and the boys go on trips to help people, whether it’s to help people find their parents or to slay beasts like Minotaurs!

What I thought: I was sceptical at first because I’ve never been a big history fan but I found this series interesting, funny and exciting, Although it can help, knowledge of myths isn’t important as the plot and the characters are well thought out and explained in enough detail so you aren’t always left scratching your head (does anyone do this though? Really?). My family all watch it together and we all love it, so the show is suitable for any age! Although there is a rather interesting love triangle between the “evil” King and Queens daughter, Jason and another prince. How exciting!

Should I watch it? I think you should. Especially if you have an interest in myths, adventures, attractive boys, fat funny men and fantasy.
Even if myths don’t sound all that fun, give it a try, the storylines are far from boring.


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