We all grow up being told the same things about the internet, “don’t talk to strangers online” and “don’t give out your personal details” and “always remain anonymous”, and yes I know these rules are here for a reason, they’re designed to keep you safe, but, if I’m being honest, I’ve ignored all these rules, and the friends I’ve made because of it have made me happier than I thought any stranger could.
The reason I’ve made friends on the internet is because we all have common interests, and in my case, it’s the “fandoms” I belong in (yes I am one of those fangirls, but it’s what makes me happy). Over the last 3 years of being on the internet I’ve made friends with girls from all across the country, from Manchester, to London, from Plymouth, to Essex and they are truly great people. After talking for a while we noticed we had more and more things in common, we became closer and closer, we exchanged phone numbers, Skype names, even addresses and now we call each other best friend.
The only difference in internet friends and “real life” ones is distance. However due to our fandoms we have been able to get closer and closer and I’ve even met up with some of them, like my friends Victoria and Hannah while seeing Russell Howard in London.
I don’t know about you but usually the idea of meeting someone new makes me nervous, I’m socially awkward and socially anxious, yet, when meeting internet people, these worries go away, I feel like I’ve met them before and that I’ve known them for years. Honestly I feel more comfortable around them than I do some of my own family.
Over the next year or so I’m planning on meeting up with people I’m friends with in the Michael McIntyre fandom, and going to the O2 arena to see him live. These girls (Isis, Jade, Emma, Charlotte and Jodie) are all amazing people and this weekend we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of becoming friends. I’m actually excited to meet them, whereas meeting someone new usually makes me panic.
I’m aware I’ve just rambled and I’m very sorry if I’ve wasted your afternoon but, basically, what I wanted to say was, not all internet people are 60 year old men, you can find some truly great friends. (as long as you get to know the person and you are careful, don’t give your number to one of those egg accounts on Twitter, they are probably murderers).

Until next week, stay safe online kids,
Katherine ❤


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