Typos. Typos are one of my favourite things. Because they can make a conversation utterly hilarious. I was inspired to write this after my friend Charlotte was telling me she liked my last blog post (which is very kind so thanks Charlotte) and she wanted to tell me she had “shed a tear” while reading it, which is very kind of her, however, she had made a typo, it wasn’t like she’d written “she a tear” or “shed a year” she had written… “Shed a twat”. Yes. You read that correctly. “Shed a twat”. It is as funny as it sounds. Typos are always hilarious when someone else makes them, however if it’s you and if your friendship group is anything like mine the typos are never forgotten, at any opportunity they will drop it in the conversation like a comedy bomb. For example, if Charlotte said something like “where’s my pizza” (as she did recently waiting for her pizza to be delivered) we could have responded with “aw try not to shed a twat” or “don’t shed a twat” and much hilarity would ensue. It’s not just my friends that make typos, I myself am a victim of typos. I’ve said a range of things such as “custatd” instead of “custard” to which my friends replied with “what’s custatd?” and “I don’t know what that is” and I’ve also said “yo” instead of “to” to which my friend asked me if I had become a gangster…

Comment down below of any typos you’ve read/made, and we can all laugh at, I mean, with, each other
Katherine ❤


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