So, freshers fortnight is coming to a close and I thought now, as I sit waiting for my clothes to tumble dry, would be a good time to update you on my life. When we last spoke, or rather, when I last spoke and you were forced to listen, I was upset over the first few nights at uni, and now, a few weeks later I’m pleased to say I haven’t had another panic attack.

So my flat mates have only cleaned the kitchen once which was last Thursday at 1am, and by 11pm it was dirty again due to the “pre drinks” that occurr every night from half past 7 to stupid o’clock. As I mentioned previously I don’t like loud environments but I decided to meet up with a new friend and try out clubbing, now, I don’t have a problem with music, or dancing or people having fun, but I do have a problem with music that is deafening, drunk people that are rowdy and lights that are blinding. But in saying this I am glad I went, I tried a new experience.

I’m still missing my family a little, but, it has got easier. My mum has been ringing me everyday and asking the same questions over and over including “are you sure you still want to go” and “have you been to the beach today?” and it’s starting to get annoying, but I’ll try not to complain because her intentions are good.

I actually really love my room now, my own space is great and it’s starting to feel like home. The matress does still give me a numb bum (again too much information?) and the alarm does still keep going off and the shower is still very tiny, but I am feeling a lot happier about it.

My social anxiety has stopped me from talking to as many people as I would have liked but I have met a really lovely girl called Abbie who knew one of my internet friends called Jodie, so thanks to Jodie introducing us I’ve now got a friend who loves YouTube just as much as I do!

I hope this post has shown anyone who was feeling worried about uni life that it does actually get a lot easier, obviously my course hasn’t started properly yet but all in all I’m really looking forward to it!

Katherine ❤


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