Christmas is exactly a month way (I know I can’t believe it either) but with Christmas comes December and then January and those two months mean deadlines. Now, I don’t know about you, but the idea of not completing my work on time terrifies me and makes me very anxious, yet, I will do literally anything to avoid doing any work. I am a procrastinator. I even procrastinated this blog post by watching YouTube videos and planning an essay, which I am now avoiding by writing this blog, is there no end to my procrastination?! Those are some normal, everyday things I use to procrastinate, because I’m a massive fangirl there are a lot of radio shows, tv shows and videos available for me to watch every single day so I can easily say “oh just one more….” and then 3 hours later I’ll still be in the browsing position with a blank word document open and tears in my eyes. However, I’ve recently realised I’ve done some weird things to put off doing work, which are as follows:

  • Doing an IQ test. Yes that’s right, instead of revising for a test (which I failed, yay at life) I did a free online IQ test, I scored 126 which is “above average” story of my life, but that isn’t the point, the point was I spent about an hour doing 10 pages worth of questions, mental arithmetic and complicated problem solving questions to avoid studying the Harvard Style Guide referencing system, which is a crucial part of my uni life.
  • Organising my cleaning products Under my sink in my uni room I have a box full of cleaning products, like bleach, cloths etc. I decided to organise this instead of writing an essay because I thought it would make the cleaning more enjoyable. It made no difference, cleaning is still boring. The only difference it made was that I spent less time doing research, meaning my work is probably not as good as it should be.
  • Eating I can never do work as I eat. I get distracted by the food and I eventually end up stuffing my face with crisps, cakes, chocolate and sweets while watching something that is not related to my essay. Before it’s too late I’ve gained 2 stone and ended up spending 2 hours not doing work. I wish I could work and eat, or use food as a reward for myself, and lord knows I’ve tried, “Katherine, if you write 200 words you can have some crisps” but the crisps are staring at me, and I end up writing 3 words before I cave in and eat them, then the self-hate begins.
  • Twitter Well, I don’t really need to explain this. But I always have Twitter in a tab and no matter what I go on the internet to do, I end up on the site just scrolling and stalking, scrolling and stalking…
  • Going for a walk My mum has always told me that exercise is very important and good for your health, which is true, however. When I have an essay to do I tell myself that “going on a walk will make my essay better because it will give me a chance to have some air and to think” no, no Katherine. This doesn’t happen, what happens is I’ll go out for an hours walk, get back, tell myself that I need to settle back into the swing of things by watching a video and this video turns into 5 videos and then I have to have dinner then have a shower and go to bed so I accomplish nothing.
  • Listening to music I tell myself that I can revise while listening to music. I can’t. I get distracted (unless it’s piano music which I highly recommend) I start singing along then I start to pretend I’m Beyonce and that I’m on stage at the 02 arena to thousands of fans and I end up getting no work done.

I’ve been doing this for years, and I know it’s wrong, and I still do it. I still spend so much of my time procrastinating, and I hate myself for doing it. When will I learn?! Right, I better get back to writing my essay plan now…. nah who am I kidding I have YouTube videos to watch and tweets to stalk…


Why are parents so annoying?

I was talking to my friends and we all realised that our parents do some¬†really annoying things, it’s as if these annoying, stupid things are requirements and in the “how to be a parent and piss your child off every day” book.
Because I love a list (I mean, who doesn’t it’s a fabulous system)¬† I shall be writing all these annoying things in one;

1) being deaf
I don’t know about you guys, but my mum has a tendancy to ask questions, then have an inability to hear my response. She’ll call me into the kitchen and say something like…
“what do you want to drink with dinner?”
“orange and lemonade please”
“can you say that again please I couldn’t hear you?”
“mum, how did you not hear me, I was basically shouting”
to which she’ll reply
“I was boiling the kettle say it again”
WHY WOULD YOU ASK ME A QUESTION, IF YOU ARE BOILING THE KETTLE AND KNOW YOU WON’T HEAR MY RESPONSE? WHAT A WASTE OF TIME. The amount of times I’ve had to repeat myself over and over again because of noisy household appliances is beyond ridiculous.

2) mumbling
We all get those moments where your parents have pissed you off so much you whispser or mumble something to youself like “you’re so deaf” BUT THEY ALWAYS HEAR THE MUMBLE. Do they have selective hearing? Do they ignore you when you’re basically shouting but hear you when you’re mumble?
3) un-answered questions
My mum tends to do this a lot. She likes to ask people questions then either ignore the reply then answer the question herself or says the answer’s wrong. An occassion that sticks out for me is, as I now call it, “the pudding incident.”
She asked me what I wanted for pudding, whether I wanted “sticky toffee pudding” or “chocolate pudding” and I clearly answered with “chocolate please”… and guess what I was given. Yes, that’s right, sticky toffee. Do you know why she’d given me sticky toffee pudding? It’s because it had a closer sell by date and therefore had to be eaten, so she chose to “not hear” my answer.
What is the point? Why ask me which I could have, if I was only allowed a certain one in the first place?!
4) the complaints
Do either of your parents ever ask you to do something then complain about how you’ve done it? They’ve asked you to take the washing in but you’ve “not done it properly because it wasn’t taken upstairs” or they asked you to lay the table but “you haven’t put enough placemats on” but when they have to do the work themselves they tell you you’re selfish.

Do any of you relate? Let me know!