Christmas is exactly a month way (I know I can’t believe it either) but with Christmas comes December and then January and those two months mean deadlines. Now, I don’t know about you, but the idea of not completing my work on time terrifies me and makes me very anxious, yet, I will do literally anything to avoid doing any work. I am a procrastinator. I even procrastinated this blog post by watching YouTube videos and planning an essay, which I am now avoiding by writing this blog, is there no end to my procrastination?! Those are some normal, everyday things I use to procrastinate, because I’m a massive fangirl there are a lot of radio shows, tv shows and videos available for me to watch every single day so I can easily say “oh just one more….” and then 3 hours later I’ll still be in the browsing position with a blank word document open and tears in my eyes. However, I’ve recently realised I’ve done some weird things to put off doing work, which are as follows:

  • Doing an IQ test. Yes that’s right, instead of revising for a test (which I failed, yay at life) I did a free online IQ test, I scored 126 which is “above average” story of my life, but that isn’t the point, the point was I spent about an hour doing 10 pages worth of questions, mental arithmetic and complicated problem solving questions to avoid studying the Harvard Style Guide referencing system, which is a crucial part of my uni life.
  • Organising my cleaning products Under my sink in my uni room I have a box full of cleaning products, like bleach, cloths etc. I decided to organise this instead of writing an essay because I thought it would make the cleaning more enjoyable. It made no difference, cleaning is still boring. The only difference it made was that I spent less time doing research, meaning my work is probably not as good as it should be.
  • Eating I can never do work as I eat. I get distracted by the food and I eventually end up stuffing my face with crisps, cakes, chocolate and sweets while watching something that is not related to my essay. Before it’s too late I’ve gained 2 stone and ended up spending 2 hours not doing work. I wish I could work and eat, or use food as a reward for myself, and lord knows I’ve tried, “Katherine, if you write 200 words you can have some crisps” but the crisps are staring at me, and I end up writing 3 words before I cave in and eat them, then the self-hate begins.
  • Twitter Well, I don’t really need to explain this. But I always have Twitter in a tab and no matter what I go on the internet to do, I end up on the site just scrolling and stalking, scrolling and stalking…
  • Going for a walk My mum has always told me that exercise is very important and good for your health, which is true, however. When I have an essay to do I tell myself that “going on a walk will make my essay better because it will give me a chance to have some air and to think” no, no Katherine. This doesn’t happen, what happens is I’ll go out for an hours walk, get back, tell myself that I need to settle back into the swing of things by watching a video and this video turns into 5 videos and then I have to have dinner then have a shower and go to bed so I accomplish nothing.
  • Listening to music I tell myself that I can revise while listening to music. I can’t. I get distracted (unless it’s piano music which I highly recommend) I start singing along then I start to pretend I’m Beyonce and that I’m on stage at the 02 arena to thousands of fans and I end up getting no work done.

I’ve been doing this for years, and I know it’s wrong, and I still do it. I still spend so much of my time procrastinating, and I hate myself for doing it. When will I learn?! Right, I better get back to writing my essay plan now…. nah who am I kidding I have YouTube videos to watch and tweets to stalk…


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