This blog post is going to be another list, what a surprise! Only this time it’s going to be about the things I’ve noticed I do, that make me really weird…

  1. I like pins and needles
    I don’t know why this is but when I feel pins and needles approaching, I will deliberately not move my foot just so I can feel the full force of pins and needles, in my eyes the tingley sensation is amazing (that sounds weird). When I do finally get them, I stomp my foot around just so I can make the feeling worse, this is probably so bad for my circulation but oh well.
  2. Food
    I eat some weird food combinations, such as toast and ketchup, bread rolls and ketchup or salad cream, I’ll only eat broccoli with mint sauce and when I eat ice cream I have to stir it for ages so it’s whippy, I don’t understand how people can eat it when it’s so hard (okay that also sounds weird)
  3. Walking problems
    I cannot walk in a straight line, my balance is awful meaning I tend to walk into the person I’m walking with, to the point where I’m rubbing against them (this sounds weird too why do I do this) my new uni friends are yet to get used to this so they tend to push me away while telling me to piss off when I end up walking into them. I don’t know why I can’t just walk next to someone, like a normal person, I’m scared that one day I’ll be walking with someone on a cliff and I’ll accidentally push them off..
  4. ASMR
    This is a relatively new concept but it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and it’s that tingley/shivery feeling you get on your scalp and down your spine when you hear a certain noise. Not everyone feels this but I’ve recently realised that I have a few “triggers” these being whispering (especially ear to ear), tuning forks (no I didn’t know what these were either and I’ll be honest I still don’t), the sound of pages turning, the sound of someone having a back massage (this makes me sound creepy I promise it’s not) and the sound of tapping. This is something I’ve been listening to as I go to sleep and I think it really does help you relax and fall asleep a lot easier. I’ve also realised it’s good with anxiety.
  5. The dark
    I used to be terrified of the dark, so much so that I had a little night light. Nowadays I’m still scared of the dark but not as badly as I was, I actually hate sleeping when it’s bright, but I do need some light in my room. And this light comes from the window. I have to have my curtains slightly open (not a euphemism) but they have to be open in a certain way because I get very scared that I’ll turn to the window and see a face staring at me, even though no one would climb a ladder to stare at me in my sleep, well I hope they wouldn’t…
  6. Feeling others emotions
    If I care about you enough or know you well enough then I sometimes have the ability to read emotions through messages, like text or tweets etc, so if you say “I’m okay” and you’re not, I can sense you’re not and I’ll try and help. I don’t know how this happens, I think people find it weird when I message them like “I can sense you’re not okay”… it makes me sound like a weirdo
  7. Innuendos and euphemisms
    I am a big fan of these, but they tend to happen to me all the time whether accidentally, just like in this post and just me being intentionally disgusting in general.

I hope you don’t find me too weird because of this post… you probably will…oh


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