Well hello, I am feeling so ill guys but I can’t let my lovely friend Vicky down! We are doing a Christmassy collab! I hope you like it! (Here’s her blog! http://goodmorningbelle.blogspot.co.uk/ )

1) What is your best Christmas memory?
I’ve been lucky, all my Christmasses have been good! Add this to my bad memory and you have me with an inability to remember a best memory!

2) What time will you be waking up on Christmas morning?
Probably 8 or 9am, depending on my illness *violin plays*

3) What is the last thing you do on Christmas day?
Watch TV then sleep! Exciting life!

4) One Christmas wish?
My family and I having the best Christmas!

5) Last Christmas song you listened to?
Mulled Wines! Which if you don’t know is Radio 1 DJ Greg James and his newsreader friend Chris Smith’s song! LOVE IT!

6) Christmas drink of choice?
Shloer or cider!

7) What’s top of your Christmas list?
A new hairdryer, how exotic!

8) Do you top the tree with a star or an angel?
Neither, my family are rubish with decorations! I want a star though!

9) If you could be any character from any Christmas film, who would you be?
You’re all going to hate me but I genuinely have no idea, I don’t watch any Christmas films

10) Favourite Christmas TV special?
MIRANDA! or Top Gear!


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