Dreaming is something we all do, sometimes we may not remember what we dreamt about, sometimes it’s a little vague, and sometimes maybe we remember it so well that we’re convinced that we actually did go on a train in the middle of the wild west with David Tennant and a wild animal… which obviously didn’t happen to me..(it did).
But I want to talk to you about the weird dreams, much like my train dream I’ve just said about. For the last two nights I’ve had dreams that have made me question my morality and my sanity, I’m very worried that I literally need mental help. When I’ve explained these dreams you may understand why I feel this way and you’ll either laugh, or run away in fear while ringing the police. I would prefer you to do the laugh.

So my first dream was me walking down a country lane with my brother and there were a lot of police and they seemed to be looking around, I asked one what it was they were doing and they explained to me that they were looking for a mudered person because the murderer had made their trademark statue of the murder actually happening. Then me and my brother walked away and I had like a flashback to someone who looked evil driving past in a car and I remembered they looked at us in a creepy way.
So I woke up deeply disturbed.

Last nights dream was that I was with my family on a walk up to a castle thing, and we came across an old bus from the 1950s (very precise I know, I remember saying “this bus is younger than you” to my dad, how kind). Then we were investigating the pedals and the steering wheel so I said to open the bonnet, and inside was the engine, obviously, and a childs plastic watering can…

So, those are my weird dreams from the last two days. I’m sure in the past I’ve had even weirder ones but I’m trying to repress those memories.


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