Well hello there, welcome to the beginning of a new week! Todays post is something I’ve noticed about myself. So, I am 18 years old, don’t worry, I haven’t just noticed that, but I have noticed I have the mentality of an 81 year old.

A lot of 18 year olds spend their time out clubbing, or in bars, or on various bits of technology. Whereas I find myself saying,
“ooh I want to go for a walk along the beach, I bet the view’s lovely at this time of day” how many 18 year olds ever find themselves wanting to go for a walk mainly for the view? How many ever want to go for a walk?! (to be fair the walk and the view of the coast at 5pm was lovely). Talking of walking I own a pair of shoes specifically for walking, I don’t buy shoes for the sake of whether they look nice with this dress for this club. My criteria for buying shoes is “do they look nice-ish? Have they got a good sole on them? Are they a good price?” and if the answer is yes for these, I shall get the shoes. Talking of feet, I have the worst balance in the world. Seriously, a mouse coughing near me could push me over. My difficulties are partly down to the shape of my feet and toes which have resulted in me needing insoles just so I can walk in a relatively straight line.
I’ve reaslised my clothes have the colour range of an 81 year old, if you ever see me I’ll be wearing white, black, blue, red and maybe purple. Of course, seeing as it’s January this is just my winter wardrobe, but my summer wardrobe isn’t much better, maybe a little more pink and yellow, other than that, nothing exotic or vibrant. No out there patterns on trousers (you know the ones, those trousers covered in tartan print or aztec style print). Just plain clothes.
I carry so much in my handbag, not just the essentials, but other things such as, water, food, pen, paper, plasters, tablets, tissues, a spare carrier bag just in case I ever need a carrier bag, an umbrella, a plastic spoon (not sure why either), and the list goes on. I seem to have this weird idea that there’s a chance I’ll get stranded outside, so I need all the provisions so I don’t end up dead.
I have a carrier bag, filled with carrier bags. Not even joking.
My television shows of choice at the moment are not Celebrity Big Brother, Made in Chelsea or Gossip girl. Instead it’s “Father Brown”, “Winterwatch” and animal documentaries, and if it was currently on tv, Midsomer Murders.

So there we have it, quite a few reasons as to why I don’t belong as a typical 18 year old,


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