This post is inspired by my recent obsession with watching Sword in the Stone and Cinderella. Now, these were my favourite Disney films when I was a child, but thinking about it, they were some of the only Disney films I remember from my childhood.

My childhood, looking back on it, was quite lacking in Disney and things like Harry Potter. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t watch many Disney films. In my 18 years of existence I think I’ve only watched 5 Disney films, and this is quite frankly unacceptable and unbelievable, how have I avoided this franchise all my life? I only really explored the franchise in college when I had to study Mulan, Princess and the Frog and Aladdin as case studies. You’ve no idea how weird you look when you’re the only person in the class who hasn’t seen any of those films before and you’re asking the question “what’s this song called?”.

I mentioned earlier about Harry Potter and, brace yourself. I’ve never read or watched a single Harry Potter book or film. I know, I know, you’re all probably shouting YOU HAVEN’T LIVED or WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? But I just never had an interest in the books, I prefered the Famous Five(I’m quite old school). I’m not even curious about the franchise now, I just don’t care, I’m very sorry if this offends you, but I’m just being honest, I don’t have an interest and I never will.

I never watched the shows like “That’s So Raven” or “The Suite Life of whoevers life it was”, mainly because I didn’t have the channels those shows were on, but still to this day people judge me and scream “HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO HANNAH MONTANA IS”.

I have no recollection of ever having a caterpillar cake. I KNOW, IT’S SHOCKING! But don’t worry, I fully intend to buy one and it eat all, in one sitting, alone.

So, these are some of the missing parts of my childhood, I hope you don’t judge me too harshly. I wrote this while toasting my mini-marshmallows on a candle (not a euphemism) and one is currently on fire, so I will leave you here while I blow it out, (again not a euphemism). Till next week, goodbye.


Online Friends, Offline Memories

Hello! As a few of you may have noticed last night I reblogged a post called “friends”, and the reason behind this is because it was written by my friend Emma and she was talking about me and our other friend (I sound very self-obsessed, don’t worry I’m not). So, I thought today it would be a good time to talk about internet friends.

From the 12th to the 15th of this month, I made the journey to Essex and met some of my best “online” friends, and it was one of the best 4 days of my life.

I packed my overnight bags sorted out my train tickets and left my halls in Bournemouth ready for the 4 hour trip to Emmas. The journey to Essex was an eventful one, I leant in bird poo, got stuck in the train doors resulting in an old man falling on me and hit a woman in the face with my bags, but the end result was 100% worth it.

I was the first to arrive (some of you may get that reference, ooh fun challenge), and I lugged my heavy bags and sat on the lowest coldest wall I have ever sat on, (not that I do sit on many walls), and, full of excitement and nerves, waited for the others to arrive. Half an hour later, Emma arrived and it was very emotional seeing each other in 3D for the first time, we hugged, had a picture together and sat on the wall and chatted while we waited for our other friend Charlotte (we call her Lamb, it’s a long story but if you wonder what “lamb” is, it’s her). We made our way back into the station and very soon her train arrived, we were nervous and excited and we eventually saw her, it was just as surreal as it was meeting Emma, seeing Lamb in the distance with her huge case at her side. We ran, well, hobbled, seeing as I couldn’t run with my bags on me, up to Lamb and we hugged and took our first group picture.

Meeting these girls was one of the best experiences, in those four days I truly learnt what it felt like to have best friends. I’ve never been good with sleepovers, and I’ve never really had close best friends before, but after spending time with Emma and Lamb I cannot wait for the next time we get together and do the same again.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, people you meet online can be the best people you’ll meet in your lives, they can open doors, unlock emotions and build amazing memories, and if anyone ever tells you otherwise, tell them to piss off.

This was the first group picture we had, and it makes me very happy
This was the first group picture we had, and it makes me very happy
We also saw Alan Carr, who is one of my favourites live and it was amzing! We were 3 rows back and he kept looking at us and I couldn't cope
We also saw Alan Carr, who is one of my favourites live and it was amzing! We were 3 rows back and he kept looking at us and I couldn’t cope

Reasons Why I’m a Fail: the jumpiest person

I don’t know if you know this about me but I am very easily scared, I don’t watch horror films because I cannot deal with them, I had nightmares for two weeks after watching the Thriller music video, so lord knows how I would deal with films like Paranormal Activity or The Conjuring. But for some reason, I like to watch murder mysteries, which I inevitably find jumpy, why do I love watching murder mysteries like CSI and Midsomer Muders (and there’s a new series out at the moment which I am thrilled with, and yes I am 81 so what) when I end up hiding behing my hands because there is tense music and a murderer on the loose? I’m used to watching them with my mum but now I’m at uni I have to watch them on my own which is quite challenging for me, but I just carry on putting myself through this torture on a daily basis.

It’s not just films and TV shows that make me jump. I make myself jump. How is this even possible? It’s things like, putting something down and it slipping, the sound of it falling makes me jump, I remember once my toothbrush did this and turned itself on in the process and I’m not joking, I actually fell to the ground. My shadow will suddenly become visible and it’ll make me jump. My phone will vibrate and it’ll make me jump. Music suddenly playing makes me jump. I will jump at everything and anything, so never come up to me and say “boo” because I will collapse and then punch you in the face.

I don’t know why I am so jumpy, it may be because I’m an anxious person or it may be because I have an overactive imagination. Whatever the reason, it’s weird and another reason as to why I’m a fail.

Feeling grown up

Well hello. This isn’t my usual upload day, and there is a reason for this, the long and short of it (that expression never really makes sense) is that yesterday on my normal upload day, my halls experienced a power cut, which meant I had no heat, light, internet, or electricity (surprise surprise), this meant I couldn’t write a post and upload it because no internet. However. I did get to stay in a hotel overnight for free, me in a hotel room for free!? I could not believe my luck, anywhere would be nicer than this room in halls.

This whole experience made me feel very grown up. I’ve never stayed in a hotel on my own before, so as I walked up to the hotel dragging my bag behind me I felt very grown up, like a famous who’s been paid to stay in a hotel, only less glamorous.
Check in was a confusing affair, who’s idea was it to make someone who’s carrying bags to start writing? You have to throw your stuff on the floor to fill in some forms, then you get given yet more things to hold and you have to somehow pick up the stuff you threw on the floor, and arrange them on you so you have your hands free to work the key card, you end up playing “Bucking Bronko” with yourself.
This is only the beginning.
As I have the worst luck I had to walk up 2 fights of stairs, with my hands full, to get to my room, and when I got there, the key card wouldn’t work. These key cards are so annoying to use no matter how fast or slow you put it in (don’t be disgusting), the light still goes red. So, you put all you stuff on the floor in a massive pile and spend the next 10 minutes putting the card in the reader, then waiting for it to go green. When it eventually does go green you find yourself stuck, how to I push the door open, without falling over and thus knocking over my bags? You find yourself shuffling yourself into the room, with the bags between your legs. Don’t expect to be able to see what you’re doing though, the lights are never on and because you don’t know the room you end up stroking the wall in order to find the lightswitch, by time you do find the lightswitch and switch it on you look down and see your stuff is all over the floor.

My room itself was amazing, the bathroom was the size of my uni room bedroom, and the bed, was wider than I am tall. Seriously, the bed was massive and amazingly comfy. There was of course, the classic toilet roll with the pointy tip, the bible in the drawer, the mini shower gels and shampoos, mini shower cap, towel rail with several towels on, mini shoe shine sponge in a drawer(I KNOW I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT) and the classic tea and coffee facility with mini shortbread. But as a result of this, I ended up drinking 2 cups of hot chocolate and 6 cups of tea in the space of 14 hours. I don’t even like tea that much, but it was free and the cups were tiny so I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t understand why the cups were so small though. Because you could barely fit the teabags or the hot chocolate powder in the mugs. Which meant I had to use a teapot to make the tea and hot chocolate meaning I had no choice but to have so many drinks. The hotel experience itself was amazing but I am now missing the comfy bed and the bath more than I imagined I would be…

Right. Now I’ve got to sort out an insurance claim on the food that was ruined due to the powercut, yes, you heard that right. INSURANCE CLAIM. Me, being a grown up with insurance claims and hotel rooms and university and rent and weekly shops and existential crises.