I don’t know if you know this about me but I am very easily scared, I don’t watch horror films because I cannot deal with them, I had nightmares for two weeks after watching the Thriller music video, so lord knows how I would deal with films like Paranormal Activity or The Conjuring. But for some reason, I like to watch murder mysteries, which I inevitably find jumpy, why do I love watching murder mysteries like CSI and Midsomer Muders (and there’s a new series out at the moment which I am thrilled with, and yes I am 81 so what) when I end up hiding behing my hands because there is tense music and a murderer on the loose? I’m used to watching them with my mum but now I’m at uni I have to watch them on my own which is quite challenging for me, but I just carry on putting myself through this torture on a daily basis.

It’s not just films and TV shows that make me jump. I make myself jump. How is this even possible? It’s things like, putting something down and it slipping, the sound of it falling makes me jump, I remember once my toothbrush did this and turned itself on in the process and I’m not joking, I actually fell to the ground. My shadow will suddenly become visible and it’ll make me jump. My phone will vibrate and it’ll make me jump. Music suddenly playing makes me jump. I will jump at everything and anything, so never come up to me and say “boo” because I will collapse and then punch you in the face.

I don’t know why I am so jumpy, it may be because I’m an anxious person or it may be because I have an overactive imagination. Whatever the reason, it’s weird and another reason as to why I’m a fail.


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