The Best Weekend

Hello everyone, I’m very sorry that this is going up on a Tuesday but the last few days have been manic, amazing and unbelievable so I thought I’d share it with you all after I’d calmed down a little (and by a little I mean 0.1%).

Michael McIntyre has been a favourite of mine for years now, his amazing comedy and wonderful personality has never failed to make me smile and at the beginning of this year I had the opportunity to go and meet him in Wimborne. This was truly amazing, He told me about the mysterious “29th” and me and my five best friends Emma, Charlotte(lamb), Isis, Jade and Jodie spent about six weeks trying to work out what this was untill all was revealed.

The 29th was March the 29th and Michael McIntyre’s Easter Night at the Coliseum.

Honestly, this was one of the best weekends of my life, meeting all my best friends together made me so happy, being so close to Michael at the show was amazing, then meeting him after with my best friends was honestly unbelievable, He is such a lovely man, albeit talkative and slightly mad (love you really Michael) and I am so lucky that I have had this chance, It doesn’t seem real it was so perfect and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Thank you Michael, Tom, Emma, Isis, Lamb, Jade and Jodie, thank you so much for making me so happy.


Everyday Tasks I Struggle With

This blog post is me opening my flaws up to you (not a euphemism). I hope at least one person relates to one of these so I’m not a total lost cause.

1) Opening tin cans
Tin openers are supposed to be there to help you open tin cans. They do not help me.
When I use a tin opener the tin opener just scratches the paper off the can and makes the occasional dent in the metal. Why is this? Why is it so hard to use a tin opener?! The tin opener ends up ruining the tin which means I end up too angry to even use the contents of the tin.

2) The start of a new toilet rolls
Oh my god this bothers me. Whenever I use a new toilet roll (especially if it’s cheap, because as a student I buy the value range), I can never open (if that’s the right phrase?) them. I try and pull it and it just rips the whole thing. So I spend 10 minutes trying to get the toilet roll back to normal after looking like I’ve attacked it with a machete. It’s a bloody nightmare

3) Opening bottles or jars
I have no strength at all (seriously) so opening any bottles or jars is very difficult for me

4) Walking in a straight line
My balance is truly awful, I fall over everything and anything. If I was ever driving and I got pulled over for some reason and they asked me to walk in a straight line they would arrest me for drink driving, because I cannot walk in a straight line.

5) Using a ruler
Again, like the previous one, this is to do with straight lines, I cannot do them. Even when using a ruler they just end up not straight. GCSE maths was a total nightmare and I often got bullied for my non straight lines…mainly by teachers.


Hello! How are we all? Good, now back to me.

I was actually tempted to a blog post in support of #BringBackClarkson (Jeremy Clarkson) but I’ve decided that I didn’t want to drag the story out, everyone is sick of hearing about it, especially Jeremy, so I thought I’d write about myself instead (I’m not self-obsessed).

As many of you will know, I am a student and a fangirl. These are two very difficult things to juggle.  On the one hand you want to do well in your studies so you can get a good job etc, on the other hand, you want to watch videos for hours on end because they make you happy. I’ve now realised that due to my many years experience of being a fan, and being a student, I’ve developed an incredible ability to multitask.

Say, I have an essay to do, I will do it, but I won’t focus all my attention on it. I’ll do it while listening to Radio 1, watching a youtube video or a TV show, being on Twitter, and while being on a group chat. This is not even an exaggeration. I wish it was. But this is what I do every day. I can’t decide whether to be proud of myself or ashamed.
You may be wondering, “how do you listen to the radio and watch something at the same time?” well, it’s easy. When the radio is playing music, especially songs I don’t like, I play the video, then when the presenter is talking on the radio show I pause the video and listen to the radio. I know, I know, I’m a genius.

So take this blog, and use it as inspiration, to try and help you combat procrastination, and by combat I mean gain the ability to write an essay and procrastinate at the same time…

I’ve got a problem…

I wasn’t sure what to write today, but as I sat pondering I reached for the last doughnut and as I threw it into my face I realised something. I have a problem with snacking.

I’m always eating something, I don’t even have to be hungry. My biggest issue is crisps, okay, issue is an understatement, I’ll go with the word “addiction”. I’m in the process of weaning myself off crisps as recently I had 18, that’s 1-8 bags of crisps in a week. I disgust myself. So now I am not buying any. The temptation to buy them is so strong though, I am literally having to block them from my view and drag myself away from them in shops.
However to replace this void I’ve began eating more sweet foods. Over the last two days I’ve eaten 15 doughnut bites, handfuls of frosties and handfuls of flying saucers. This is just 2 days.
I’ve recently bought choc ices, chocolate bars, doughnuts and cream cakes, as they were on sale and a “good deal” no Katherine. Eating 20 cakes is not a good deal. I’m even disturbing myself with how much I eat.

As I have no culinary skills my meals are mainly frozen goods popped in the oven. Iif I can be bothered I may even cook rice or pasta. So as you can probably tell I’m getting no nutrition in my diet, I noticed this too and in order to try and combat this poor diet I’ve decided to buy tinned fruit and dried fruit (as I’ve said before, I am 81) this isn’t going to make massive changes I know but it’s a start.

I am quite concerned for my health and wellbeing. I CANNOT STOP EATING. As I’m writing this I’m eating more flying saucers. Talking of flying saucers, does anyone else open them and pour the sherbert out onto half of a flying saucer then eat the paper casing and lick the sherbet afterwards? It’s probably just me isn’t it…


Weather is something we all encounter, but it’s something I’m finding increasingly annoying.

The wind for example, ALWAYS makes me cry. Not due to sadness (most of the time), but due to just the wind being in my eye. So whenever I’ve been outside when the wind blows I end up crying and people wonder why I’m sad. I’m not sad it’s just the wind.
The wind also messes up my hair, you know in adverts and on films when people have their hair blowing in the wind they look graceful and sophisticated. That’s not accurate. I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards. The hair ends up in my eyes, up my nose, in my ears, in my mouth, it’s not good. And the knots I get, my god. I have naturally wavy thick hair, and when it gets knotty it is nearly impossible to remove the knots, it’s awful. If you ever sit there and wish you had thicker hair, stop. You don’t want it.

The sun is also a culprit for the crying thing. I have to wear sunglasses whenever it gets even remotely sunny, which makes you look a little weird when it’s winter time and -4.

Blue sky looks great, but at this time of year it can be deceiving, you stroll outside thinking “ooh this is going to be a lovely day” then BAM you get hit with freezingness and you feel betrayed by what you thought was a reliable friend.