I wasn’t sure what to write today, but as I sat pondering I reached for the last doughnut and as I threw it into my face I realised something. I have a problem with snacking.

I’m always eating something, I don’t even have to be hungry. My biggest issue is crisps, okay, issue is an understatement, I’ll go with the word “addiction”. I’m in the process of weaning myself off crisps as recently I had 18, that’s 1-8 bags of crisps in a week. I disgust myself. So now I am not buying any. The temptation to buy them is so strong though, I am literally having to block them from my view and drag myself away from them in shops.
However to replace this void I’ve began eating more sweet foods. Over the last two days I’ve eaten 15 doughnut bites, handfuls of frosties and handfuls of flying saucers. This is just 2 days.
I’ve recently bought choc ices, chocolate bars, doughnuts and cream cakes, as they were on sale and a “good deal” no Katherine. Eating 20 cakes is not a good deal. I’m even disturbing myself with how much I eat.

As I have no culinary skills my meals are mainly frozen goods popped in the oven. Iif I can be bothered I may even cook rice or pasta. So as you can probably tell I’m getting no nutrition in my diet, I noticed this too and in order to try and combat this poor diet I’ve decided to buy tinned fruit and dried fruit (as I’ve said before, I am 81) this isn’t going to make massive changes I know but it’s a start.

I am quite concerned for my health and wellbeing. I CANNOT STOP EATING. As I’m writing this I’m eating more flying saucers. Talking of flying saucers, does anyone else open them and pour the sherbert out onto half of a flying saucer then eat the paper casing and lick the sherbet afterwards? It’s probably just me isn’t it…


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