Hello! How are we all? Good, now back to me.

I was actually tempted to a blog post in support of #BringBackClarkson (Jeremy Clarkson) but I’ve decided that I didn’t want to drag the story out, everyone is sick of hearing about it, especially Jeremy, so I thought I’d write about myself instead (I’m not self-obsessed).

As many of you will know, I am a student and a fangirl. These are two very difficult things to juggle.  On the one hand you want to do well in your studies so you can get a good job etc, on the other hand, you want to watch videos for hours on end because they make you happy. I’ve now realised that due to my many years experience of being a fan, and being a student, I’ve developed an incredible ability to multitask.

Say, I have an essay to do, I will do it, but I won’t focus all my attention on it. I’ll do it while listening to Radio 1, watching a youtube video or a TV show, being on Twitter, and while being on a group chat. This is not even an exaggeration. I wish it was. But this is what I do every day. I can’t decide whether to be proud of myself or ashamed.
You may be wondering, “how do you listen to the radio and watch something at the same time?” well, it’s easy. When the radio is playing music, especially songs I don’t like, I play the video, then when the presenter is talking on the radio show I pause the video and listen to the radio. I know, I know, I’m a genius.

So take this blog, and use it as inspiration, to try and help you combat procrastination, and by combat I mean gain the ability to write an essay and procrastinate at the same time…


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