This blog post is me opening my flaws up to you (not a euphemism). I hope at least one person relates to one of these so I’m not a total lost cause.

1) Opening tin cans
Tin openers are supposed to be there to help you open tin cans. They do not help me.
When I use a tin opener the tin opener just scratches the paper off the can and makes the occasional dent in the metal. Why is this? Why is it so hard to use a tin opener?! The tin opener ends up ruining the tin which means I end up too angry to even use the contents of the tin.

2) The start of a new toilet rolls
Oh my god this bothers me. Whenever I use a new toilet roll (especially if it’s cheap, because as a student I buy the value range), I can never open (if that’s the right phrase?) them. I try and pull it and it just rips the whole thing. So I spend 10 minutes trying to get the toilet roll back to normal after looking like I’ve attacked it with a machete. It’s a bloody nightmare

3) Opening bottles or jars
I have no strength at all (seriously) so opening any bottles or jars is very difficult for me

4) Walking in a straight line
My balance is truly awful, I fall over everything and anything. If I was ever driving and I got pulled over for some reason and they asked me to walk in a straight line they would arrest me for drink driving, because I cannot walk in a straight line.

5) Using a ruler
Again, like the previous one, this is to do with straight lines, I cannot do them. Even when using a ruler they just end up not straight. GCSE maths was a total nightmare and I often got bullied for my non straight lines…mainly by teachers.


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