Hola, ooh Spanish today, how exotic. I’ve done a post like this in the past called “why are parents so annoying” and since being at home for the last few weeks on my Easter holiday, I’ve noticed a few more things that have really started to annoy me, if any of you have parents who do similar things then we can share the pain and annoyance.

1) Emojis
My parents have recently discovered emojis and in EVERY message they send me they have to include dozens of emojis that have no relation to anything… for example my mum may text me something like “can you turn the oven on?” but include emojis of flowers, elephants, cakes and a variety of smiley faces, it’s all very unnecessary.
2) Standing in the way
When my mum and I are watching the TV in the evening my dad will come into the room and stand in front of the TV to watch what we’re watching even though he’s not even aware of the name of the show, he’ll still stand and watch it, and if you ask him if he wants to sit down to watch it he’ll stay “no I’m not staying” THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Seeing him just stand there makes the room look untidy and it’s so, so annoying.
3) Subtitles
Talking of my mum and TV, as I’ve mentioned before she’s not got the best ears, (hearing, not shape or size, her ears are normal), and this means that we have the subtitles on. However the subtitles are always out of sync with the programme. They’re either behind which becomes distracting or ahead which then ruins the show, especially if it’s a murder mystery (you know how much I love those). I know this isn’t technically my mums fault but I’m going to blame her, sorry mum.
4) Listening, but not hearing
Recently my mum has been guilty of this. I’ll talk to her, she’ll be making “I’m listening” noises and/or gestures, and then I’ll look at her as I wait for her reply. She’ll then notice me looking at her and then she’ll say “what did you say I wasn’t listening”
You serious mum? I’ve just been talking for five minutes and you weren’t even listening. Why, what is the point in pretending to be listening?! Either listen or tell me to shut up, but preferably the first one…


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