As someone who studies a media based subject I’m expected to know a lot about pop culture. I don’t. In fact I know very little about most things to do with pop culture. The thing I know the least about is the film industry.
I have watched about 20 films in my life and I can’t remember the names of most of those. I do wish I’d seen more but I just can’t be arsed with sitting through an hour and a half of film. I’d rather watch an hour and a half of stand up (as in comedy not just someone stood up).

When people say to me “have you seen *insert film name here*?” my answer is always
My friends at college literally don’t bother asking me my opinion on a film anymore because they know I’ll answer with no.

However, in some situations when people don’t know this fact about me then I end up lying to impress.
I was in the hairdressers recently, and as you know from a previous post, I find this quite stressful anyway, but on this visit the hairdresser was very chatty, lovely, but chatty, and she decided to talk to me about films. She was asking me if I’d seen Avatar. I hadn’t, but obviously I said “yes I did” because I’m awkward and was trying to sound cultured, she then asked me what I thought of it. I had no idea what to say so I just said “it was good I liked it”, this seemed to satisfy her slightly but I was left slightly nervous. She then decided to talk to me about the latest Fast and Furious film, which again I had no idea about. So I just smiled and nodded, and by nodded I mean nodded as best I can with scissors in my hair.


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