Before I start this I hate the expression “pet hates”. Why is it called that who says our pets hate things, I don’t understand.

These aren’t pet hates that most people have, like nails down a chalkboard (what schools have a chalkboard these days it’s all about the interactive whiteboards). I have a feeling these things are just things I don’t like, unless you don’t like these either, in which case you can be my best friend

This isn’t just words in general, I like words, I don’t even have an issue with the word moist, I don’t however like the word “breathed” it just sounds wrong, you know the past tense of “swimming” is “swam” not “swimmed” I feel like “breathed” shouldn’t be breathed. The same goes with “braked” as in the past tense of “brake” as in car brakes. I even had to Google those to make sure they were right, they don’t even sound like they should be real

I have a lot of hair and when I wash it it does go everywhere. But. I HATE THE FEELING OF WET HAIR. You know when it falls out and sticks on you nope cannot deal with that it makes me feel sick

I hate the feeling of things between my toes. I cannot wear flipflops because my feet involuntarily fling them off. It’s pretty embarrassing, especially when you’re in a shop and you fling them in the face of a fellow shopper

If I touch velvet or that cheap velvet stuff I will cry it feels awful and I hate it

I don’t understand people who can wash dishes without rubber gloves and not in a plastic washing up thing. The feeling of wet food is disgusting and literally makes me want to vomit

Repetitive noises
If I’m trying to sleep and I can hear snoring or a clock ticking I actually cannot fall asleep. If you snore or tick I will throw you out of a window


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