I’ve been in quite a reflective mood lately, and it’s got me thinking about childhood and the things I miss from it. So, I thought I’d share these things with you in a categorised list, because you know how much I love a list.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of old shows and if I’m honest with you, watching them. You know, like all 18 year olds do of an evening…
Big Cook, Little Cook- now that was a cooking show, I was desperate for a magical wooden spoon
Balamory- even now when I see coloured houses in a row I think “ooh it’s Balamory” yes I am lame leave me alone
64 Zoo Lane- 64 64 64 ZOO LANE, this is definitely not a link to the lyric video www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLQWZ-8WmJ8
Brum- me and my brother adored Brum. It’s strange to think that ended so many years ago
TMi- I adored this show, Sam and Mark made kids tv brilliant, and I actually cried into my roast dinner when it ended (that’s not a horrific euphemism I did literally cry)
Best of Friends- I really wanted to go on this show. But I didn’t have enough friends. Tragic life storyKerching!- be honest, everyone did that kerching arm thing. Don’t ask me what the show was about, I cannot remember for the life of me. But I do know the theme tune was fabulous https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEYKD_qSB9Y
Stupid- this also had a fabulous theme tune, and it was one of my favourite shows, it’s actually the show I discovered the amazing Miranda Hart on.

It makes me a little sad that today children have no real need to go outside anymore. When I was younger I always went outside, I loved using my imagination…
Pretending to be magic- whenever I had to use automatic doors I’d move my hands as I went towards them, therefore I magically “opened” the door… this is something I obviously still don’t do now…
Heads down thumbs up- HOW GOOD WAS THIS GAME
Fairground Monopoly- my family had Monopoly Junior which was amazing, you basically bought things like rides and balloon stands as opposed to the normal Monopoly where you buy streets and train stations.

Witch Doctor- all I’ll say is this… ooh eeh ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang
Baha Men- Who Let the Dogs Out? The classic school disco song
The Ketchup Song- I never understood why this was named after a condiment but who cares it’s amazing

So there we go, some of my childhood memories, I hope I’ve made you all feel nostalgic. Let me know what shows, games or songs you remember in the comments.
Ooh talking of comments I’ve reached 1,000 views on my blog which is incredible so thank you all for sticking with me and being interested in my dull life. I thought I’d let you ask me some questions which I’ll answer in the next post so comment them in the comments or send me them on Twitter and I shall answer them. Thanking you kind regards.


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