This post is pretty self-explanatory, I have, and always have had, too many nicknames. It’s got to the point where I now forget my name is Katherine and find it weird when people call me that.

I’ll now list every nickname I’ve ever had;
Big Fish
Mushroom head

Most of these nicknames seem kind of normal because they’re related to my name but some of them, like “Mushroom Head”, “Big Fish” and “Wheel” seem a little far fetched. So i’ll explain them.
Mushroom Head came from a friend at school who, when I showed her a picture of me as a child decided I had hair like a mushroom.  As you can see from this, she does kind of have a point…SAM_9230

Big Fish came about when 2 of my friends in school and I had a new obsession with the song “Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box” and we just randomly gave each of us one of those names and I ended up with “Big Fish”.

And Wheel is my name in the group of friends who are Michael fans (the ones I’ve done blog posts on before). They decided that because my name is Katherine, and there’s a firework called Katherine Wheel, I should be called Katherine Wheel. However due to laziness that’s now shortened to “Wheel”.

I now find hearing my own name really weird. It’s quite weird finding your own name weird. I’m just generally weird. I’ve said weird too much and now it sounds and looks weird. Weird. Weird. WEIRD?! I’m going to leave…


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