I am a bit weird when it comes to sleeping, I shall now list (are you getting bored of me listing things yet?) these strange habits:

I sleep with a duvet and a sheet. I know most people are duvet people and find sheets very trapping and in the words of Michael McIntyre “shit”, but I find it so snug to have a sheet and a duvet. In the winter it provides a warming cocoon of niceness and in the summer you simply push the duvet away and have a cooling sheet. It’s wonderous. The sheet being tucked in also means monsters and demons can’t grab your legs and drag you to your death.

I sleep on the very bottom corner of the pillow, in adverts for beds you’ll see people with their heads in the middle of the pillow. That isn’t me. I begin my night in the middle but then I sleep on the corner, in fact I barely sleep on the pillow. Which is weird as I always have to have two pillows.

I move around a lot in my sleep and I have been known to make the duvet actually fall off the bed, which isn’t ideal in the winter as I end up freezing to death…


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