The Season of the Perv

I love the summer time. The sun is shining, birds are singing and the skies are clear, although as I write this it’s raining but let’s pretend I didn’t say that.

However. There is a problem with this time of year. The pervs.

I love wearing dresses and shorts over summer, as many other girls do (I won’t say women, that makes me feel far too grown up), but this results in getting quite a lot of unwanted attention from men.

This attention can come in a variety of ways. Over the last few months I’ve had this:

Men beeping their car horns, I don’t know what they think this will achieve, I have no interest in old Renault Clios or Golfs with go faster stripes and exhausts the size of bins from Poundland. If you want a fast car, buy a fast car, don’t modify a broken one you’ll just end up in a lake or up a tree.
Men shouting things like “oi oi” from scaffolding, not only is this intimidating but they can’t even see me properly, so all they’re basically shouting at is someone that looks like a woman.
Men watching you from the drivers seat of their cars turning their heads to follow you like pervy owls, mate, I can see you looking because you’re behind something transparent called a window, you’re not being subtle, you’re being an arse.
Men saying the words “you look rather gorgeous today”. Thanks, but no thanks

Why do they think this is okay?! It’s not like we go outside with signs saying “please stare at me”. Just stop.



As it’s my birthday this week, I thought it would be a good time to mention how weird and wonderful birthdays actually are when you think about them.

You see, birthdays are basically a day of you eating cakes and junk food, opening presents and throwing parties (or in my case, after organising a BBQ for me and my friends for my birthday years ago, sitting on your own on a picnic blanket because no one wanted to go).

But what you’re kind of celebrating is the fact your mother gave birth to you, and that you haven’t died yet.

I suppose birthdays should be a day where we should all celebrate our successes in life, no matter what you’ve had to go through. Thinking back through your years and thinking “yes, I made it”. Thinking about all the times you cried laughing, hugged your friends, ate an amazing meal, battled anxiety and won, went on a great holiday, passed an exam, read a good book, met a celebrity you’ve loved for years. And although you could say that every year older is a year closer to death but you could also say that every year older you get is another year to experience crying with laughter and great holidays and passing exams and meeting celebrities. Never stop being proud of what you’ve achieved, and what all your future achievements will be.

Or you could just think about the fact your mother gave birth to you, it’s up to you


This post is one I think a lot of you will relate to. It’s something that happens to a lot of people around this time of year.


The last week has been hell with hayfever (or hellfever you may say HAHAHA…I’m sorry).

I’ve been sneezing non stop for the last week, up to 30 times a day, which is quite extreme and my nose has been the itchiest thing in the known world, I’ve been in a constant state of wanting to scratch my nose and wanting to cut it off.
My eyes have been itchy and red which makes me look like a drug addict.

I keep waking up in the night due to an inability to breathe which is not ideal, I have to wake up, get up, go for a little walk around the house to clear my nose, blow my nose, get back into bed and go back to sleep, only to be woken up by the bastard crows that have decided the best nesting place is my house.

I’ve been taking hayfever tablets which have done sod all to help, I actually choked on the water I was drinking once I swallowed the tablet to make sure I had swallowed it (does anyone else do that? Just as a safety measure or is that just me?) which makes the tablet more of a health hinderance than a health help.

Everyday Annoyances

I was going to start by saying I’m very easy going, but that would be a lie. I’m very easily annoyed. As you will know from my “Pet Hates post” oh look here’s the link pet-hates, I’m quite annoyed by a lot of things. But today I’m telling you more about the everyday tasks that I find really annoying, or the annoying things that come with everyday things. Don’t worry if that doesn’t make sense to you, it didn’t really make sense to me either. Anyway, I’ll start my list (MY LISTS ARE NOW ANNOYING ME I NEED TO BE MORE ORIGINAL).

Now I love a shower, but have you ever forgotten your towel? IT IS SO ANNOYING. You get under the shower, feeling relaxed then it hits you, no, not the water although that does hit you and if it doesn’t your shower is broken, the realisation that you’ve not got your towel. When I’ve realised this I’ve then got to get out and without getting water all over the bathroom, reach over to the towel shelf and get my towel without knocking down all the other towels. Do you know what’s even worse than this. Forgetting your clothes. Having to do the quick towel run to your room is a challenge. What if you forgot your towel and your clothes?! Nightmare

I know I sound really British with the title “tea” but bear with (bare or bear, I’m sure it’s bear but if it’s wrong pretend it isn’t thanking you). I actually went off tea for ages and have only recently been drinking it again but it’s reminded me of the horror when your tea gets below drinking temperature. Tea has quite a limited enjoyable temperature range (that’s a bit of a tongue twister, say it outloud now, I dare you) the thing about tea is you never know when it’s below that range, so you’ll drink it unawares and then BAM you get the cold tea. You don’t want to swallow it because it’s so horrible, but you can’t spit it out because that looks weird so you have to swallow it which means you end up pulling a face like you’ve just eaten cotton wool.

This is quite a broad topic but I’ll narrow it down to a few things that annoy me

  1. People who make you stop watching what you’re watching on TV just so they can watch what they want. My mum does this and quite frankly it makes me want to either cry or hit her with the remote
  2. People who brag. I’m happy for you about whatever it is you’ve done but please stop
  3. People who don’t squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube. The middle is wasteful and more effort just stop now please

What day is it?

We all know what the 7 days of the week are, the 12 months of the year are, the days of each month are and we can all tell the time, well except Joey Essex. But I seem to spend the majority of the time these days asking the question “what day is it?”.

Yesterday is a prime example of this. I genuinely believed it was Monday the 31st of May. It was June the 1st. My grandma also thought it was still May.

I don’t understand how this happens, I am always on my laptop and phone which has the date and time on, I have a calendar with the day on and I even have a watch with the date on, yet I still find myself asking “what day is it?”. Time just seems to be going so quickly it’s weird. And if you start to think really deeply about time and how it works and it’s origins it makes you want to have an existential crisis.

This is the reason why this post is going up today on the Tuesday, because when it got to the time I usually write my post I completely forgot that it was Monday.

Anyway, today/yesterdays post is/was going to be a little different, it was inspired by my good friend Vicky (her blog is amazing ). She does a lot of music based posts and I love reading about peoples music tastes, music is so powerful, it can empower you and it can be cathartic, it can make you dance and it can make you cry.¬† So I thought I would share my Top FIve songs of the moment, some of these are “modern” some of these are “older” but these are just what I’ve been obsessed with lately. And as is traditional, I am doing this in a list.

  1. I actually only discovered this song yesterday but I fell in love with it. I love an inspiring quote and this song is full of them¬† it’s called The Call and it’s sung by Regina Spektor and it’s wonderful.
    “pick a star on the dark horizon, and follow the light”
  2. I loved this band when I was younger and I didn’t really know who they were, then I heard some youtubers(Dan and Phil) talk about a band and I was curious about who they were so I did a little Google search(other search engines are available although let’s be honest who uses Bing) and listened to their music. They were the band I loved when I was younger, I was so thrilled with finally knowing the name of this band. Muse. This is one of my favourite songs they’ve done
    “this ship is taking me far away, far away from the memories”
  3. This song is sung by the beautiful Taylor Swift and as soon as I heard it I was like, “yes, this is good” it’s the song Style and I love it
    “long drive, could end in burning flames or paradise”
  4. I first heard this song when I was at Michael McIntyres Easter Night At the Coliseum and I loved it, when I started to hear it on the radio I loved it even more. It’s Big Girls Cry by Sia and, like all her other music videos, this one is powerful and amazing
    “I may cry ruining my makeup, wash away all the things you’ve taken”
  5. My final song I have been loving lately, although I have hundreds of songs I love to listen to, is Jungles song Busy Earnin’. I feel like the music itself is so uplifting and empowering, whenever I hear it I feel energised. The music video also makes me want to become a professional dancer
    “you think that all your time is used, too busy earning”

There we have five of my favourite songs, as you can probably tell, I have quite an eclectic music taste but eclectic is my middle name, well it’s not technically but you get my drift.