As it’s my birthday this week, I thought it would be a good time to mention how weird and wonderful birthdays actually are when you think about them.

You see, birthdays are basically a day of you eating cakes and junk food, opening presents and throwing parties (or in my case, after organising a BBQ for me and my friends for my birthday years ago, sitting on your own on a picnic blanket because no one wanted to go).

But what you’re kind of celebrating is the fact your mother gave birth to you, and that you haven’t died yet.

I suppose birthdays should be a day where we should all celebrate our successes in life, no matter what you’ve had to go through. Thinking back through your years and thinking “yes, I made it”. Thinking about all the times you cried laughing, hugged your friends, ate an amazing meal, battled anxiety and won, went on a great holiday, passed an exam, read a good book, met a celebrity you’ve loved for years. And although you could say that every year older is a year closer to death but you could also say that every year older you get is another year to experience crying with laughter and great holidays and passing exams and meeting celebrities. Never stop being proud of what you’ve achieved, and what all your future achievements will be.

Or you could just think about the fact your mother gave birth to you, it’s up to you


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