Firstly, hello and welcome to July, hasn’t it come by quickly?! And secondly for this post I have drawn inspiration from a radio show done by the wonderful Russell Howard and Jon Richardson. They did a feature on their BBC 6 Music show around 8 years ago called “Am I Normal” where they told each other, and got listeners, to talk about the quirky habits that they feel compelled to do. As I’m re-listening to these in the future, and can’t exactly get involved with the discussions and hilarity, I thought I would do a post about my quirky habits. If you have any habits, like the volume on the tv has to be in multiples of 4 or that you have to touch your ear when you see a magpie, then leave them in the comments or just say them outloud to yourself, no matter where you are or who you’re with, say your habits.

Doors and Windows
If I’m the last one out the house, I have to double check all the windows are shut and the doors are locked. Because I can’t be held responsible for break-ins.

If the plugs aren’t in use, I switch them off. If they’re not switched off, in my mind, the electricity is escaping.

If there’s writing on something, like placemats or crisp packets, the writing has to be the correct way, so it’s readable. It’s intended to be read, therefore it should be angled so it could be read.

Car Journeys
These were more weird things I did as a child, although I sometimes still catch myself doing them, especially the second one.
Horses- when I was sat in the car, I used to look out the window and pretend that instead of being in the car, I was riding a horse alongside the car.
Cables- when I’m sat in the car, I like to watch the overhead cables that are on the side of the road. When the car is going fast and you’re just staring at the cables it feels almost hypnotic. As if you’re about to take off or travel through space and time.

When I’m taking the teabag out of the tea, I have to make the teabag the same shape as the teaspoon before I throw it away.

Water at night
My final one is that I always have to have water with me at night, ideally in a plastic beaker or bottle (in case I knock it over so it won’t smash, I’m a paranoid clumsy person), just in case there’s a fire in my bedroom…


One thought on “Am I Normal?

  1. Normal is definitely relative. I think of course you are normal, but you have your quirks. I can relate to you because I used to imagine I was a cheetah running alongside the car when I was a passenger,much like you imagined riding a horse, I also have to have a water beside me before I go to sleep in a spill-proof container because I am also very clumsy.
    Its probably for the best that you make sure all the doors and windows are locked before you leave. I never think about it but I also live in a pretty “safe” part of the country.

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