I was recently watching the tv show “Very British Problems” and it’s made me realise that I am quite possibly, the most British person you’ll ever come across.

I sound like the queen, I have the classic “posh” accent. So much so that in secondary school, I was actually nicknamed “Posh Katherine”. This nickname may not have just been down to my accent, because there was another Katherine in our science class, this nickname could’ve been a way to avoid confusion, although her name was spelt “Kathryn” and mine’s spelt Katherine, which the class called “the posh way”. I didn’t even know names had posh spellings…

I apologise to everything, if I trip over something (which is less of an “if” and more of a “when”) I’ll say “oh sorry”. The same goes for if I walk into something. A few years ago on a rainy afternoon, I was walking up a hill with my umbrella in front of me. I managed to walk into a lampost, which literally crushed my umbrella. So I apologised to the lampost and my umbrella, despite the fact I was the embarrassed one in physical pain.

Customer service bothers me, if you ask me if I need help or if I’m okay I will say “I’m fine thanks” and avoid all contact with you. Even if I did need help, I would never ask for it, not without apologising first.

Public transport. Don’t sit next to me unless you have to. I like my space. The bus windows are something that bothers me too. If they’re open, my hair will be blowing in the breeze and I’ll end up looking like something from the 80s, and I’ll be shivering with cold. But I can’t shut them incase someone else gets annoyed as they’re too hot. Plus I’ve not got the strength to pull them shut.

I always carry and umbrella or a coat with me. Just incase.

I can’t leave a room or end a conversation without saying “right”

Right. I best be off now, thanks for reading, goodbye, bye, see you soon, goodbye


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