As you can see from the title. This is another one of my “childhood memories” posts. My last one seemed to go down quite well and, seeing as I moved into my second year house today I thought it was the perfect time for reflecting on some more childhood memories.

Three words. “Meg and Mog”. I couldn’t have been the only person who watched that cartoon witch, owl and cat.

MI High before it became all weird with four agents instead of 3. 4!? And there’s no Lenny. What’s the world coming to? MI HIgh made me want to be a spy. Who am I kidding, I still want to be a spy. The only problem being I’m far too clumsy to be sneaky and, I apparently, and I’m quoting my dad directly, “sound like an elephant” when I walk. Charming.

Raven. Not to be confused with “that’s so raven” which is something I’ve never even seen. Raven was a show where children would basically do outdoors obstacle courses (like “Go Ape” only more “Go Raven”) under the watchful eye of a man who could change into a bird, in order to complete the quest of destroying the evil in Ravens land, Nevar. It sounds mad, it was great.

Hider in the House. If you watched CBBC around the same time as I did, You’ll remember JK and Joel. JK and Joel presented this show and from what I remember it was basically a show where a celebrity would hide in your house, and if your parents found them, you’d lose. Yeah, it does sound weird.

Made Up Games
My brother and I had a game we made up as children called “turn around and fall down”. it’s pretty self-explanatory. We’d spin around on the spot, and the first person to fall over was the loser. It’s more entertaining than it sounds.

Nowadays technology amazes me, we have 3D tvs and touchscreens. But back in my day I had a “fur real” cat (did anyone else have one of those?) and one of my favourite bits of technology, my flip phone. One of those ones with buttons that made text and camera noises. That was the extent of the technology I had. Once I lost this incredible device and I actually cried.

Coolio-Gangsters Paradise. I actually studied this in music in school, I hated music, but despite that, I still love that song. It’s a proper tune.

Black Eyed Peas. I won’t lie, I’ve been obsessed with their old songs lately. In particular. “Hey Mama”. I think I was around 7 when I first heard this song and the fact that was 12 years ago makes me feel weird. But the song just hasn’t aged. The music video however, is a different kettle of fish (what does that even mean).

Now, my final song is a bit of a weird one and completely different to the previous songs, but it might just make you scream “OH MY GOD THAT SONG”.The other I was looking through some old primary school folders and I came across a hymn sheet. And on that was “wiggly, waggly worm”. I had genuinely forgotten that this was a thing. If you don’t remember it then Google it, and prepare to be shocked.


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