I wasn’t a popular child growing up, we all know this. But I did have one best friend during primary school. Harriet. However, there is one thing that happened between us. One thing I did. One thing I’ve never really talked about. One thing I’m ashamed of. I am a murderer.

Now before you call the police, and start screaming and crying, I am not a murderer murderer. I’m an inadvertent murderer. Again, don’t panic, let me explain.

I was staying at Harriet’s house for her birthday, it was my first ever sleepover and I was really nervous. The day was going well and I managed to get to sleep relatively easily, I was very surprised with myself. The next day however was a different story.

Harriet and I, you may recognise her from previous posts
Harriet and I, you may recognise her from previous posts

I woke up and was sick. I don’t know why, but I was sick. So Harriets mum kindly drove me home early with a sick bowl (this may be TMI and I really am sorry for that). My mum decided the decent thing to do was to clean the bowl I’d used with bleach. This seems like a good thing to do. Well. Turns out it wasn’t.

The bowl was the bowl Harriets family use to put their pet fish in when they clean out their tanks. I think you can see where I’m going with this… The bowl had bleach left in it, the fish went in the bowl. The fish died.

So there we go. The story of my sick killing some fish. That was a sentence I never thought I’d say…


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