If you live in the England you’ll know that today we no longer get free plastic bags in supermarkets. The little, flimsy bags that rip when anything with a corner goes in and fly away in even the weakest breeze, are now worth 5p each. Don’t worry this post isn’t going to be a rant, I think it’s quite good we’re cutting down on the plastic bag waste. And anyway, we all have that one plastic bag with other plastic bags in, which are there for the small bins and just in case anything happened in life that requires 100 bags.

I’m guilty of saying “just in case” about a lot of things…

  1. I have a bag full of birthday cards just in case I need an emergency card, the same goes with wrapping paper, cellotape and scissors
  2. I take a coat and/or an umbrella with me everywhere I go, just in case it rains
  3. I take a drink and a snack with me in my bag, just in case I’m stranded outside
  4. I keep a supply of food and rink in m bedroom just in case I’m ever locked in my room
  5. I hoard boxes, ribbons, tissue paper, paint, paint brushes, just in case I’m ever in the mood to do arts and crafts

This can’t be just me? Can it?


2 thoughts on “Just In Case

  1. You’re not the only one! Definitely not. I’m exactly the same. The only thing I don’t have is food in my room. But the rest of it is exactly me. Oh, and I always keep a pair of shoes next to the door just in case I’ve got to run out very quickly.

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