So, autumn has arrived but it’s not as autumnal as I expected. When the 1st of October rolls around (or, as it appears to be this year, flies around making you feel like you’ve fallen through a wormhole into October missing out all the summer months), I get out my thick coats and jumpers and prepare for the layering. However this year I am confused. The wind is chilly, yet the sun is bright and hot. I’ve seen people in maxi skirts and thin jumpers, people in jeans and leather jackets, people with raincoats on. No one knows what to do. If I’m walking I get too hot in a coat so have to take it off, then as soon as I’ve taken it off the sun goes behind a cloud or the wind picks up and I’m cold, so I put my coat back on again.

Annoyingly my temperature troubles don’t end outside, they are also happening inside. Living in a student house means we haven’t put our heating on yet, which means our house is colder than it is outside when it’s sunny. My room faces the sun so I’m always quite warm when I’m in it, but in the kitchen I’m wearing two jumpers, it’s a nightmare.

I don’t know how to feel about all of this seasonal confusion, I love the sun, but I want to be able to know what I can wear without melting or freezing.

I’ve overheard other people talk about the weather too, they’ve described it as “fresh”. Fresh?! What does that even mean? If they’re referring to the wind that gives you goosebumps and the sun that makes your eyes water, unless you’re wearing sunglasses, but the chances are you’re going to be wearing a coat as well as sunglasses and sunglasses and a coat can be a strange combination, then yes, it’s VERY fresh.

Happy autumn everybody.


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