I am currently infected with something horrific

*cue dramatic music*

a cold.
I know. Shocking.

I am the worst person when it comes to dealing with a cold. I don’t complain, I groan. A lot. Mainly about the fact that it stops me from being able to breathe like a normal functioning human being.
My breathing gets worse during the nights, I go from no pillows, to one, to two, to two at an angle, I end up sat bolt upright with two pillows and nothing helps. Nothing. So the best way to clear my nose is to go for a “walk around my room”. Which isn’t that strenuous as my room is tiny, so by “walk around” I actually mean “three paces backwards and forwards”. I would brave it and walk around the house but there may be murderers so I’ll stay in my locked room. You never realise how good breathing through your nose is until you can’t do it anymore…

Then there’s the shivering. I had one night where I was kept awake with violent shivering for three hours. THREE. I wasn’t even cold but I couldn’t stop shivering. My legs were in physical pain

I don’t know how a sore throat happens, or why, but I don’t like it. I am unable to swallow, drink, eat without feeling like there are shards of glass in my throat. And swallowing, eating and drinking are vital parts of living so basically my body is trying to murder me.

Thank you body, thank you so much.


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