I’m one of those people who loves a good routine. No matter what the situation is, no matter where I am or what I’m doing I have to stick to the same routine. Otherwise I feel weird. Really weird.

I have a routine for doing housework. I have to get dressed before I open my curtains/blinds, then I make my bed before I hoover the floor. It just makes sense. Well, to me anyway.

I have to wash my hair on certain days in the week, not because I’m disgusting or anything, just because my hair needs washing on a Tuesday and Friday, and if I can’t do it on those days I genuinely get annoyed.

I have to have my dinner at 6pm even if I’m not hungry because that’s when I’ve always had dinner at home.

I always have to double check I’ve shut windows and locked doors before I leave the house.

I have to keep ALL the tabs and windows on my computer open, in the same places, just so I know where everything important is. Despite the fact I have all my open tabs and windows in my bookmarked favourites, I still need then open. I don’t know why either…


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