“Sign Up Now”

The other day I came to the conclusion that I HATE signing up for every single thing you do on the internet.

Want to buy something? Need to sign up to the website.
Want to look for jobs? Need to sign up to the website.
Want to book a train? Need to sign up to the website.


With every website comes a new password, and I am so done with making new passwords. We all know internet security is important, so you have to try and make each password as complex as possible. So you end up throwing in random numbers and capitals which makes it even harder to remember, and means you end up using the “forgotten your password” button and either trying to remember the security question, which you’ve probably forgotten, or creating a new password which confuses you even more.

Then once you’ve signed up to whatever website you’ve been forced to sign up to. You get sent an email telling you to “click here to confirm your account”, then once you click that you get an email saying “you’ve confirmed your account”.  And that is just the start. You’ll get emails offering you “promotions” or “discounts” or details about whatever it is the website is for which you don’t want because you didn’t want to sign up to the site in the first place.

I’m now just deleting all the emails I’m getting from sites I don’t care about in the hope that somehow some email wizard will tell the webiste I don’t want to have an account… No wizards have made an appearance yet, but I will keep you informed.


Christmas Shopping

I am one of those people who has already sorted out most of their Christmas shopping. Partly because I like being organised and partly because buying things for other people is immensely satisfying for me.

However, Christmas shopping is quite possibly one of the most stressful things ever, especially when you’re 1) a poor student and 2) shopping on your own. Last weekend I was both of these things.

The first stressful thing, is the “what the hell am I going to buy them?” thoughts. Or maybe even worse “where the hell am I going to find it?”. This Saturday I spent the majority of the day walking round town muttering “where can I buy nice truffles from?” which makes me look mental. If you’re wondering I found some lovely ones in the end in M&S.

The next stressful thing is the people. Every town centre becomes SO busy as soon as Christmas rears its festive head. Christmas is still a month away and I literally nearly walked into about 9 people. Primark is the worst for this, why do people think it’s okay to stop in the middle of an aisle to have a discussion, NO it is not the time nor the place, please stand aside so I can get on with my day.

The weather also makes shopping challenging, when it’s raining, your stuff gets wet, if it’s windy your bags get blown into your face/passers by/down the street, if it’s cold your hands and arms get numb. If it’s all three then you might as well give up.

The fact you need to bring your own bags means you’re restricted with the number of bags you can actually carry, so this means you have to pile everything into one or two bags meaning they become heavy and end up breaking your arm. They also get fatter which means you can knock people/dogs/stands over. Like I did in New Look, when I knocked over an entire stand of clutch bags then got wedged inbetween the two stands while the sales assistant picked up the bags I knocked over as I couldn’t even pick them up myself. Yes it’s as embarrassing as it sounds.

Top 5 Songs of the Moment

Well hello you fine people. The last few days have been a bit awful haven’t they, in fact “a bit” is an understatement. But I don’t want to dwell on the ugly side of humanity. Instead I’m going to do another one of my musical posts, partly because I love music, and partly because life is stressing me out and I can’t think of any original blog ideas this week (I do apologise) maybe next week my blog will be entertaining again. Unless you like these posts, in which case, let me know and I can do more of them. Anyway…

First song is one I have been listening to on repeat for weeks now, Wake Up Call by Nothing But Thieves.

I love this song, it’s catchy and the instrumentals are amazing, I adore it.

The second song is another one I’ve been obsessed with recently, mainly because the song’s amazingly retro and unique, but part of me loves it for the instrument that sounds a tiny bit like the Midsomer Murders theme tune

for those of you that want a comparison here is the theme tune, YES I AM 80 LEAVE ME ALONE.

My third song is a classic, literally. Who remembers Big Brovas, Nu Flow? If you said you didn’t then you might recognise it when you hear it. IT’S SUCH A GOOD TUNE

I won’t say I rediscovered it while watching the Scooby Doo film because I’m obviously cooler than that (I did rediscover it on Scooby Doo)
Can we also take a minute to appreciate the fashion in the video. Classic early 2000s.

Another classic I’ve been loving is slightly older than the last one. The 80s classic Daydream Believer by The Monkees. I know this is the opposite of cool, but, it’s really good. But my question is, WHO IS SLEEPY JEAN AND WHY DOES SHE NEED CHEERING UP?!

If you liked the fashion in Nu Flow, you’ll love the fashion and hair in this one. Seriously. It’s fabulous.

Finally, the complete opposite to The Monkees, Oh Wonder. An incredible pop duo. They’re music is so relaxing and beautifully made. I love it


Being a uni student means I have ended up living in two houses, “home home” the family home where I came from, and “house home” the one I am sharing with my friends.

Because I go home quite a lot, I find it really hard to know what it is I’m supposed to take with me each time, I have clothes at home, but I can never remember what clothes they are. So I end up taking about 3 heavy bags home with me. Carrying these bags to and from buses is literally hell. It’s surprising how heavy clothes and and a toothbrush becomes.

Then when I get home I end up living out of my suitcases, which feels weird as I am supposed to be at home, yet I’m not, you know, at home. It’s not so bad if I’m there for a holiday like Summer or Christmas, because I can unpack, but when it’s just a week, I never really unpack.

It’s a really weird feeling not feeling like you belong anywhere. It’s not that I’m unhappy with this “house home” or that I don’t feel welcome in “home home” it’s just I can’t settle down anywhere. Being in “house home” means I have to do house chores and go into uni and be stressed over deadlines, being at “home home” means I feel guilty about not doing work.

Being a student is harder than they tell you….DON’T DO IT (joking you can if you want, but seriously brace youself)


Yes, I know this was Saturday and it’s now Monday but I have a slight confession to make about Halloween.

*dun dun duuuuun*

I’ve never really celebrated it. I never went trick or treating.

Before you all shout at me, I know this makes me boring, but I’ve just never been interested in Halloween, I hate scary things as I’m the jumpiest person in the world, and I’m quite lazy so I’ve never been interested in dressing up. But this year I tried something Halloweeny out, I travelled to Bristol to see my friend Jodie and together, I carved my first ever pumpkin, or “Jack O lantern” but I don’t know who that Jack bloke is or why he’s famous with a lantern.

So here are the pumpkins, you can probably tell which mine is as it looks pretty tragic, but nevertheless I am actually quite proud of it.. CSrE8zHWcAAWjRKNo one warned me about how difficult it is to carve a pumpkin, for a start they’re quite stiff (behave) and I don’t have enough strength to stab them, then the inside was surprisingly stringy and WOULD NOT GET OUT,  how do children do it?! I’m not surprised I wasn’t trusted with it, people probably would have died.

On the dressing up front, as you will see from this picture, we went all out. Ooh so festive.