Being a uni student means I have ended up living in two houses, “home home” the family home where I came from, and “house home” the one I am sharing with my friends.

Because I go home quite a lot, I find it really hard to know what it is I’m supposed to take with me each time, I have clothes at home, but I can never remember what clothes they are. So I end up taking about 3 heavy bags home with me. Carrying these bags to and from buses is literally hell. It’s surprising how heavy clothes and and a toothbrush becomes.

Then when I get home I end up living out of my suitcases, which feels weird as I am supposed to be at home, yet I’m not, you know, at home. It’s not so bad if I’m there for a holiday like Summer or Christmas, because I can unpack, but when it’s just a week, I never really unpack.

It’s a really weird feeling not feeling like you belong anywhere. It’s not that I’m unhappy with this “house home” or that I don’t feel welcome in “home home” it’s just I can’t settle down anywhere. Being in “house home” means I have to do house chores and go into uni and be stressed over deadlines, being at “home home” means I feel guilty about not doing work.

Being a student is harder than they tell you….DON’T DO IT (joking you can if you want, but seriously brace youself)


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