The other day I came to the conclusion that I HATE signing up for every single thing you do on the internet.

Want to buy something? Need to sign up to the website.
Want to look for jobs? Need to sign up to the website.
Want to book a train? Need to sign up to the website.


With every website comes a new password, and I am so done with making new passwords. We all know internet security is important, so you have to try and make each password as complex as possible. So you end up throwing in random numbers and capitals which makes it even harder to remember, and means you end up using the “forgotten your password” button and either trying to remember the security question, which you’ve probably forgotten, or creating a new password which confuses you even more.

Then once you’ve signed up to whatever website you’ve been forced to sign up to. You get sent an email telling you to “click here to confirm your account”, then once you click that you get an email saying “you’ve confirmed your account”.  And that is just the start. You’ll get emails offering you “promotions” or “discounts” or details about whatever it is the website is for which you don’t want because you didn’t want to sign up to the site in the first place.

I’m now just deleting all the emails I’m getting from sites I don’t care about in the hope that somehow some email wizard will tell the webiste I don’t want to have an account… No wizards have made an appearance yet, but I will keep you informed.


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