Reflecting on 2015

Hello there, I hope you all had a good Christmas!

Last year I did a post like this called “Reflecting” and as you’ll be able to tell by the title I’m making it into a yearly series and doing another one.

2015 was a really good year for me. I finally stopped living in Uni halls and moved into a really nice house with nice people, hellish halls seems like a life time ago now.

In 2015 I met a lot of wonderful people, both famous and friends, and as you’ll have seen in last years post it was one of my goals/resolutions, and amazingly I actually managed it.

In 2015 I travelled around the country, well, not literally around, I went to Essex, London, Gloucester and Bristol to meet up with 5 friends. We managed to spend birthdays, Easter, parts of summer, Halloween and Christmas together, and I hope we can do the same next year.

I think the hardest part of 2015 was the uni side of things, being in halls had really knocked my grades down, but since starting second year, I feel much more confident about my assignments.

2015 went by so fast and the fact 2016 is so close is weird but I cannot wait to see what 2016 holds for me, hopefully I’ll have found some houses to live in at uni/on placement, done a work placement, not failed second year, met my friends Lauren and Vicky, seen those 5 girls again, and who knows, may have met some more of my favourites.

Happy New Year everyone, may your year be filled with smiles and positivity ❤ ❤ ❤


Christmas Top Fives

IT’S CHRISTMAS IN A FEW DAYS and, as you seemed to enjoy my last Christmassy blog post about my top five Christmas songs ( I thought I would tell you my general top five things about Christmas, just incase you want to feel even more festive.

    I bloody love food, specifically the unhealthier, the better. And Christmas gives you the perfect excuse to eat good unhealthy food, as you justify everything with “it’s okay as it’s Christmas”. During Christmas I eat a lot of crisps, a lot of cakes and a lot of nuts (behave). But that’s not my favourite food at this time of year, my favourite has to be the snack/party food that you can get. Mini pies? Yes please. Mini duck spring rolls? Yes please. Cheese sticks? Yes please. Pigs in blankets? 100% YES PLEASE.  Then obviously there’s the roast which I don’t really need to cover we all know it’s always amazing.
    Everyone loves presents, you can say “ooh it’s the giving that counts” but we all know we love getting them just as much as giving. The anticipation and surprise of going downstairs and seeing what’s under the tree will never not be exciting.
    Christmas is just a nice time to be with family, you get to go home, hang out with the family. Even if they piss you off, deep down you know it’s nice to be there with them.
    I know a lot of people will hate all the travelling that comes with Christmas, going to and from shops, friends houses, family members houses. But I love looking out of the window and seeing what peoples lights and trees look like in and outside their homes (people who don’t close their curtains make this so much easier, and no I’m not weird for looking in peoples homes) and being able to look out at the countryside and seeing miles of fields, woods and sky, when I went to my grandmas on Monday we were driving down a country lane and as I looked out of the window into the woods I saw about 10 little deers, how festive is that!? (I can’t decide if deer is pluralised with an s or not so if it’s wrong I apologise).
  5. TV
    There is so much good TV on over Christmas, festive specials of all your favourite TV series, festive specials your favourites are doing, all the old Christmas films are on (my personal favourites being ones with animals in, specifically dogs and cats), new episodes of classic shows, random films you’ve probably seen before (or if you’re me, should’ve seen before). It’s great, you can get cosy, eat the food based presents, drink hot chocolates or Baileys or teas, and snuggle up in fluffy pyjamas with your loved ones. It’s so bloody nice.

I suppose the final thing to say to you dear reader is Merry Christmas!

Top Five Christmas Songs

Christmas is just around the corner, and to celebrate I thought I would tell you what my top 5 Christmas songs are, you’re welcome.

The first one I love is Step Into Christmas, by the legendary Elton John. I know it’s old fashioned but this song is just so upbeat and jolly, it always makes me smile.

….although the start of the video is a little bit odd.

This one is probably an obvious choice, it’s The Pogues, featuring Kirsty MacColl with Fairytale of New York. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this song. Although some of the lyrics make no sense at all, it still fills me with festiveness (is that a word? It is now).

I know I’ve mentioned Michael McIntyre so many times you’re probably sick of it, but he did a great version of this a few years ago (I still listen to it every Christmas, I’m not weird).

The next choice is Mulled Wines by Radio 1’s Greg James and Chris Smith (with the news). This is basically a Christmas version of Robin Thickes Blurred Lines. Fun fact, I love it so much that it’s actually the first song I listen to when I start to feel Christmassy.

From one Radio 1 song to another, Scott Mills and Chris Stark wrote a Christmas song with the help from pop-comedy duo Frisky and Mannish called The Perfect Christmas Single. It’s basically a mix of all the best parts of Christmas songs done in the classic Scott Mills way.

Choosing this final song is surprisingly hard, there are so many incredible Christmas songs out there. But after much deliberation, my fifth song is going to be Wizard’s I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday. As soon as you hear the creepy “are you ready children?” and you see the incredible hairstyles in the video, you know Christmas is here.

Big Christmas Weekend

At half past 8 on Sunday morning I packed my bags and headed off to London to meet up with a few of my friends,  you know, the group of Michael fans I’ve mentioned half a dozen times, so we could go to the recording of “Michael McIntyres Big Christmas Show” which is on BBC1 on Christmas day.



The weekend was incredible, and although I’m so sad only half the group could make it, the ones that were able to come made the weekend so memorable for me, and I am beyond grateful.

The show itself was amazing, there was stand-up, music, variety acts. You name it, the show’s got it. Although the recording went on for five hours I wouldn’t change any of it for anything. Michael seems to get funnier each time I see him, and I didn’t think that was possible.

Without these opportunities to see these Michael shows I wouldn’t be able to see my friends, and although chatting online every single day is amazing, nothing beats being able to give them an actual hug.


I am so honoured by the fact that Michael takes the time to invite us to these shows, then takes time out of his schedule to speak to us and have photos with us and, is just generally really lovely. Massive thanks to his tour manager, who basically is Michaels carer, who gives us so much help with all of it. I spent so much time thinking I would never meet him and now I’ve had the privilege to meet him 5 times this year alone. I just feel so lucky.