At half past 8 on Sunday morning I packed my bags and headed off to London to meet up with a few of my friends,  you know, the group of Michael fans I’ve mentioned half a dozen times, so we could go to the recording of “Michael McIntyres Big Christmas Show” which is on BBC1 on Christmas day.



The weekend was incredible, and although I’m so sad only half the group could make it, the ones that were able to come made the weekend so memorable for me, and I am beyond grateful.

The show itself was amazing, there was stand-up, music, variety acts. You name it, the show’s got it. Although the recording went on for five hours I wouldn’t change any of it for anything. Michael seems to get funnier each time I see him, and I didn’t think that was possible.

Without these opportunities to see these Michael shows I wouldn’t be able to see my friends, and although chatting online every single day is amazing, nothing beats being able to give them an actual hug.


I am so honoured by the fact that Michael takes the time to invite us to these shows, then takes time out of his schedule to speak to us and have photos with us and, is just generally really lovely. Massive thanks to his tour manager, who basically is Michaels carer, who gives us so much help with all of it. I spent so much time thinking I would never meet him and now I’ve had the privilege to meet him 5 times this year alone. I just feel so lucky.



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