IT’S CHRISTMAS IN A FEW DAYS and, as you seemed to enjoy my last Christmassy blog post about my top five Christmas songs ( I thought I would tell you my general top five things about Christmas, just incase you want to feel even more festive.

    I bloody love food, specifically the unhealthier, the better. And Christmas gives you the perfect excuse to eat good unhealthy food, as you justify everything with “it’s okay as it’s Christmas”. During Christmas I eat a lot of crisps, a lot of cakes and a lot of nuts (behave). But that’s not my favourite food at this time of year, my favourite has to be the snack/party food that you can get. Mini pies? Yes please. Mini duck spring rolls? Yes please. Cheese sticks? Yes please. Pigs in blankets? 100% YES PLEASE.  Then obviously there’s the roast which I don’t really need to cover we all know it’s always amazing.
    Everyone loves presents, you can say “ooh it’s the giving that counts” but we all know we love getting them just as much as giving. The anticipation and surprise of going downstairs and seeing what’s under the tree will never not be exciting.
    Christmas is just a nice time to be with family, you get to go home, hang out with the family. Even if they piss you off, deep down you know it’s nice to be there with them.
    I know a lot of people will hate all the travelling that comes with Christmas, going to and from shops, friends houses, family members houses. But I love looking out of the window and seeing what peoples lights and trees look like in and outside their homes (people who don’t close their curtains make this so much easier, and no I’m not weird for looking in peoples homes) and being able to look out at the countryside and seeing miles of fields, woods and sky, when I went to my grandmas on Monday we were driving down a country lane and as I looked out of the window into the woods I saw about 10 little deers, how festive is that!? (I can’t decide if deer is pluralised with an s or not so if it’s wrong I apologise).
  5. TV
    There is so much good TV on over Christmas, festive specials of all your favourite TV series, festive specials your favourites are doing, all the old Christmas films are on (my personal favourites being ones with animals in, specifically dogs and cats), new episodes of classic shows, random films you’ve probably seen before (or if you’re me, should’ve seen before). It’s great, you can get cosy, eat the food based presents, drink hot chocolates or Baileys or teas, and snuggle up in fluffy pyjamas with your loved ones. It’s so bloody nice.

I suppose the final thing to say to you dear reader is Merry Christmas!


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