The reason this post is so late is because I am revising, I say “revising” I am trying to “revise” but I am taking my time with it by procrastinating. I thought that seeing as we all know how much I like a list, I would share my top five methods of procrastination to help you all avoid becoming like me (or to give you more advice on how to avoid work, you decide which is applicable)

  1. Watch an entire TV series, whether it’s one you’ve half seen, seen before or haven’t got round to seeing yet, now is the perfect time to spend your precious hours catching up.
  2. Live by the phrase “I can start tomorrow” because surely there’s no time like the future!?
  3. Eat ALL the food you can buy/see/reach, telling yourself it’s a treat and you’re diet starts tomorrow.
  4. Do a small amount of research, a paragraph of an essay or typing up of a line of notes and then allow yourself to have the rest of the day free, an overworked student doesn’t produce good work after all.
  5. Make sure you spend as much time as possible away from work by booking trips to see friends or celebrities and then actually travelling to see them, going out on walks for fresh air or just scrolling through social media. So you can “relax and clear your head”

I should carry on with my revision for my exam, but I’m starting series six of Peep Show so I’ll carry on tomorrow.


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