Yesterdays Michael McIntyre gig was one of the best nights ever, and one of the many reasons why was the fact I was front row.

I’ve never been front row before. I know that’s hard to believe, but I’ve always been told that front row is not as good as people claim it to be. My mum used to say the classic “you’ll strain your neck” and up until yesterday I believed it.

After about an hour and half of sitting front row I can report that I did NOT have a strained neck. Yes, my face was hurting from laughing so much but my neck was all okay.

Front row is honestly an incredible place to sit. The stage is within legs reach (that’s not an expression I’ve ever heard and to be honest I can see why, it sounds weird), the comedian is so close you can see the marks on their shoes, you can have the piss taken out of you (as I did as I decided to reply to Michaels question of “how many shows have you seen?” with “what this year?” I MEANT TO SAY TOUR AND SAID YEAR I cannot cope with myself) and the amount of leg/bag room is very good (probably not the first thought of anyone under the age of 50 except me).

I highly recommend trying to get front row tickets to any comedy gigs you ever go to. You will LOVE it. As this is more about comedy gigs let me know what comedians you’d love to see front row, or if music is more your thing which artists you’d love to see front row!


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