Grow Up

At the age of about 13 we all are desperate to grow up, we all want out own money and our own free will to do what we want and not have to answer to your parents. As someone who is growing up, you sometimes find yourself looking back on these thoughts like WHY DID I THINK THESE THOUGHTS.

However there are some things you can do as an adult that takes you back to those childhood days, because who wants to live their lives doing everything boring and adulty:

  • Listen to some classic songs. You know, Black Eyed Peas and The Hoosiers. Don’t be afraid to dance and sing like no one is watching
  • Cook fish fingers or chicken nuggets and have them with chips for dinner, or, even better potato waffles or smiley faces.
  • Listen to an audiobook. I did this a lot growing up, especially if I was off school ill. It was something that always relaxed me.
  • I’ve rediscovered the joy elastic bands have. If you didn’t fire an elastic band at a sibling or friend growing up then did you even childhood?!

I’ll end this post with a Miranda quote, because why the hell not?!

childhood joy




Funny Five

Every now and again, especially when I’m feeling down, I like to spend a few hours watching repeats of jokes I adore to make me laugh. Today I thought I would share five of those jokes with you, so if you ever need something to entertain you, you can come here and be entertained…

First up, and this will come as no surprise to most of you, is a Michael McIntyre joke. In particular his dentist sketch from Showtime.

This joke ALWAYS makes me laugh. The way he acts out the joke is incredible and the voices he does are hilarious! If you’ve not seen this before check it out!

Up next is a Jack Whitehall joke.Purely because the way he acts out gender differences is incredible


Up next is the shouty Rhod Gilbert. This is one of the first things I ever heard him do and since then I cannot look at a potato in the same way. “NOT 2 POTATO, 4 POTATO, 6 POTATO, PISSING 8”

The way he refers to and reflects on his anger management is so clever.

Next is the adorable Jon Richardson who makes me question how I say “an onion” every time…

Since this joke, I feel more normal at pretending to be on a cooking show whenever I’m in the kitchen baking.

The final favourite today is Alan Carr, more specifically, the joke about going to the zoo with his goddaughters

Although the whole of this Live at the Apollo sketch is fabulous (although the shirt is questionable,  sorry Alan). The wardrobe malfunction in this is brilliant as well (I won’t ruin the surprise for you)


Let me know which of these you like or, which you would add to this list!

The Fear

Generally speaking, I’m nervous about everything, however it’s come to that time again where I am struck with The Fear. 

The Fear is of my laptop dying. Now this laptop is definitely not new. I’ve had it for years so I’ve seen it coming. There comes a day in all laptops where they start slowing down and getting noisier.

My laptop is reaching that day. As I write this post, my leg is being burnt by the heat of my laptop and it’s beginning to sound like it’s trying to take off (I’ve actually just had to stop writing this to fan, yes FAN my laptop. I mean what is my life coming to). Thankfully it’s not slowing down too much so I can still use it, but I’m living in fear that one day, I’ll have an assignment to do, and I’ll try to use my laptop and it’ll be so slow I’ll miss the deadline for the assignment.

The thing that annoys me the most about having to get a new laptop, apart from the sadness of losing the old one (I get way too attached to my possessions, seriously, if I lose something, there’s a high chance I’ll get stressed to the point of panicking and crying about it, until I find it), is that you have to transfer everything across from the old laptop to the new laptop, which not only takes so much time and effort, always makes me worry I’ve forgotten to transfer something across or that there’s something I can’t transfer across that is important to me and will then be lost forever. Was that too dramatic?

How Do You Adult?

I am legally an adult, yet there are many adulty things I struggle doing… What’s that? You’re wondering if I’ll put them in a list? Well yes I am, how did you guess?!

  1. Laundry
    I have a double bed here, and due to my shortness and general incompetence I really stuggle to not only change my sheets and make my bed, but I stuggle with the folding of the sheets. To the extent where I have to stand on the nice, neat, just made bed so I have room to fold the sheets.
  2. Jars/tins
    I can’t open them. Like, I have actual issues with them.
  3. Washing
    Constantly debating with myself whether to turn my clothes inside out before washing them or not. Whether you can tumble dry something or if it has to be dried flat. I don’t know what any of this means or why it makes a difference. But if I forget to check it and just throw it all in the machine not inside out and then throw it into the dryer I feel incredibly guilty and almost feel I have to apologise to the clothes I’ve thrown in the wrong way into the wrong place.
  4. The weekly shop
    I struggle to resist snacks. Yesterday I bought Boost bars (the best chocolates ever by the way) despite the fact I have a bar of chocolate and those Thornton Millionaire shortbreads (also the best things ever) and then I got sour fizzy belt sweets for no reason. I am now actually avoiding the crisp isles for fear of buying everything with no restraint at all…

Oh to be a child again…



Over the last few years, I’ve been on a lot of coach trips and train journeys. Not the boring ones your parents take you on, but journeys all around the country, giving me the opportunity to see parts of the country I have never seen before, go back to places I love, and meet people I’ve never been able to meet before.

I’d never really considered coaches for travel before and I really can’t see why, they’re good value (and we all know I love a bargin) and they go basically everywhere on a pretty regular basis. And trains, well, you don’t need me to tell you what trains do.

To be honest with you, when I first braved travelling a long distance on my own I was very nervous, before 2014 I’d never been to London on my own before, and now I’ve been over half a dozen times by myself.

I really think going travelling, even if it’s just to a new place down the road is such an amazing thing to do, without sounding clichéd, travelling really expands your horizons. Even though the idea of travelling, especially by yourself can be really scary, especially to a completely new place, the feeling when you actually get to the destination is amazing, especially if you’re meeting someone at that destination. So this year, maybe give travelling a try, whether it’s to a new city in your county, a new county altogether or even a new country if you’re really brave. You never know what you might discover…