Over the last few years, I’ve been on a lot of coach trips and train journeys. Not the boring ones your parents take you on, but journeys all around the country, giving me the opportunity to see parts of the country I have never seen before, go back to places I love, and meet people I’ve never been able to meet before.

I’d never really considered coaches for travel before and I really can’t see why, they’re good value (and we all know I love a bargin) and they go basically everywhere on a pretty regular basis. And trains, well, you don’t need me to tell you what trains do.

To be honest with you, when I first braved travelling a long distance on my own I was very nervous, before 2014 I’d never been to London on my own before, and now I’ve been over half a dozen times by myself.

I really think going travelling, even if it’s just to a new place down the road is such an amazing thing to do, without sounding clichéd, travelling really expands your horizons. Even though the idea of travelling, especially by yourself can be really scary, especially to a completely new place, the feeling when you actually get to the destination is amazing, especially if you’re meeting someone at that destination. So this year, maybe give travelling a try, whether it’s to a new city in your county, a new county altogether or even a new country if you’re really brave. You never know what you might discover…







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