I am legally an adult, yet there are many adulty things I struggle doing… What’s that? You’re wondering if I’ll put them in a list? Well yes I am, how did you guess?!

  1. Laundry
    I have a double bed here, and due to my shortness and general incompetence I really stuggle to not only change my sheets and make my bed, but I stuggle with the folding of the sheets. To the extent where I have to stand on the nice, neat, just made bed so I have room to fold the sheets.
  2. Jars/tins
    I can’t open them. Like, I have actual issues with them.
  3. Washing
    Constantly debating with myself whether to turn my clothes inside out before washing them or not. Whether you can tumble dry something or if it has to be dried flat. I don’t know what any of this means or why it makes a difference. But if I forget to check it and just throw it all in the machine not inside out and then throw it into the dryer I feel incredibly guilty and almost feel I have to apologise to the clothes I’ve thrown in the wrong way into the wrong place.
  4. The weekly shop
    I struggle to resist snacks. Yesterday I bought Boost bars (the best chocolates ever by the way) despite the fact I have a bar of chocolate and those Thornton Millionaire shortbreads (also the best things ever) and then I got sour fizzy belt sweets for no reason. I am now actually avoiding the crisp isles for fear of buying everything with no restraint at all…

Oh to be a child again…



4 thoughts on “How Do You Adult?

  1. I go back and forth with whether or not childhood was better than current “adulthood.” There wasn’t anything to worry about as a child – not compared to now, at least. And yet… there are so many things I can do of my own volition as an “adult,” even though it does come with the cost of added responsibilities… *sigh*

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