Generally speaking, I’m nervous about everything, however it’s come to that time again where I am struck with The Fear. 

The Fear is of my laptop dying. Now this laptop is definitely not new. I’ve had it for years so I’ve seen it coming. There comes a day in all laptops where they start slowing down and getting noisier.

My laptop is reaching that day. As I write this post, my leg is being burnt by the heat of my laptop and it’s beginning to sound like it’s trying to take off (I’ve actually just had to stop writing this to fan, yes FAN my laptop. I mean what is my life coming to). Thankfully it’s not slowing down too much so I can still use it, but I’m living in fear that one day, I’ll have an assignment to do, and I’ll try to use my laptop and it’ll be so slow I’ll miss the deadline for the assignment.

The thing that annoys me the most about having to get a new laptop, apart from the sadness of losing the old one (I get way too attached to my possessions, seriously, if I lose something, there’s a high chance I’ll get stressed to the point of panicking and crying about it, until I find it), is that you have to transfer everything across from the old laptop to the new laptop, which not only takes so much time and effort, always makes me worry I’ve forgotten to transfer something across or that there’s something I can’t transfer across that is important to me and will then be lost forever. Was that too dramatic?


2 thoughts on “The Fear

  1. No, not too dramatic at all. I still miss the photos from ten years ago that I lost, when my first laptop broke before I could save everything on my external hard disk… It was a very sad day. In this spirit, always backup your data! 😉

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