Every now and again, especially when I’m feeling down, I like to spend a few hours watching repeats of jokes I adore to make me laugh. Today I thought I would share five of those jokes with you, so if you ever need something to entertain you, you can come here and be entertained…

First up, and this will come as no surprise to most of you, is a Michael McIntyre joke. In particular his dentist sketch from Showtime.

This joke ALWAYS makes me laugh. The way he acts out the joke is incredible and the voices he does are hilarious! If you’ve not seen this before check it out!

Up next is a Jack Whitehall joke.Purely because the way he acts out gender differences is incredible


Up next is the shouty Rhod Gilbert. This is one of the first things I ever heard him do and since then I cannot look at a potato in the same way. “NOT 2 POTATO, 4 POTATO, 6 POTATO, PISSING 8”

The way he refers to and reflects on his anger management is so clever.

Next is the adorable Jon Richardson who makes me question how I say “an onion” every time…

Since this joke, I feel more normal at pretending to be on a cooking show whenever I’m in the kitchen baking.

The final favourite today is Alan Carr, more specifically, the joke about going to the zoo with his goddaughters

Although the whole of this Live at the Apollo sketch is fabulous (although the shirt is questionable,  sorry Alan). The wardrobe malfunction in this is brilliant as well (I won’t ruin the surprise for you)


Let me know which of these you like or, which you would add to this list!


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