In the past I’ve spoken about meeting Michael McIntyre and how incredible that was. Today is another one of those posts. Except, as you’ll be able to tell from the title. It’s about Russell Howard

I first met Russell at the start of 2014 when he was doing work for his Wonderbox tour. He was the first celebrity I had ever met and that meant I was so nervous. This resulted in me getting stuck trying to step over a wall and then stepping backwards and tripping over a bush. Despite this excellent start he was lovely and surprisingly shy.


Now, two years on I’ve met him twice more, in the space of a week. Once on Tuesday and once on Sunday. I was not expecting to ever meet him again. Especially not that soon after the last tour. If you’re into comedy you’ll know there’s usually several years between tours. So having one two years later was a surprise to me, especially when you think about how much other stuff Russell works on during the year.

I was thrilled when I saw Russell was coming to some local gigs, and even more thrilled when I realised they were on days I could actually do.
I’m signed up to the website “ents24” which basically sorts out and tracks all the gigs you want for you. When it showed me Russells Wimborne gig I was delighted. The date rolled around and I hopped on the bus and made my way to the show. After some pacing around he soon arrived and it was amazing to see him in the flesh again. I mentioned to him how I’d met him two years previously, which he didn’t remember (thank god) but he was still lovely towards me asking for my name and telling me I looked “great” (I’m so putting that on my CV) in the two years he’d definitely become more confident and chatty. Then I left with some serious post-not going to the gig-blues, so serious I looked around for another local gig and eventually found one, in Swindon. So I made some plans and went to see him there too. I waited a lot longer for him this time and by time he arrived my hands were numb despite the gloves and the good photo lighting had passed.
Meeting him again though was incredible, the fact he’d remembered me was baffling and even as I sit and type this now I feel so honoured by his kindness. After the meeting I made my way inside to the venue bringing the cold with me (literally the women at the box office told me they felt colder when I was near them) deciding the best thing to do was buy a MASSIVE cup of tea, and I do mean massive, it was bigger than my face.

The show soon started and it was SO funny. His warm up Steve was great and as for Russell I think it’s some of his best jokes yet. Although I can never decide what is funnier. The planned jokes or the crowd interaction ones. When there are people with hilarious laughs or with great questions. Some of the things the crowds say/do are incredible.
After the show I popped to stage door again to tell Russell about how much I loved the show and he looked genuinely thrilled with it. Which made me emotional. He’s just so nice!

Anyway to conclude this rambly slightly fangirly post, going to comedy nights are the best things ever and if you’ve never been to one go, go right now.


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