My Murderous Unconscious

Do you ever get the feeling you may be slightly mad? I do. Quite regularly actually. Worryingly regularly.

You see, I am someone with quite a vivid imagination. For example, when I was in secondary school as part of “dance” lessons we had to learn the routine to Michael Jacksons “Thriller” I am not exaggerating when I say I had nightmares about zombies for two weeks because of that music video. This imagination of mine plays havoc in my dream life.

I’m now going to admit why I’m concerned about my mental state. I’m just going to go out and say it, honesty is the best policy.

I keep having dreams about murders.

This used to be a recurring dream, however now it’s starting to come back whcih is really annoying, I was just getting over the trauma. I’d be in a jungle yet on a giant pirate ship with a group of people who one by one get killed off till it’s just me and the killer left. At this point I work out he’s a killer and run away. I’m running through the jungle and end up hiding behind a wooden garden fence, at this point the killer appears and the dream ends. I know, what a cliffhanger, my subconscious knows how to annoy me.

Then last night I dreamt that I was acting in a television show set in a university and surprise surprise I was playing the murder victim. Who weirdly was a guy who looked like Mitchell on Bad Education. My death involved me being stabbed in the back. I wonder if this is a metaphor?



Childhood TV Themes

I was listening to Radio 1 last week and Greg James was talking about the Fireman Sam character, Trevor Evans. This led me to spend the next half an hour watching Fireman Sam on YouTube. I’d forgotten quite how good the theme tune for that show was, so it got me thinking. What other great theme tunes from childhood are there?

This is obviously the original version of Fireman Sam. I am very against the modern CGI version. Fireman Sam was perfectly fine as it was. Anyway rant over. I still know the words to this musical masterpiece.

I mean this needs no introduction. It’s weird and wonderful. Much like myself.

Again, before this became a CGI mess. Bob the Builder had a great theme tune.

Greg James had this on his radio show a while back (don’t ask), and since then I do find myself singing the theme tune on a daily basis. DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOOOOO

Looking back this was a bizarre programme. And the fact this was VHS shows my age. But there was something special about this theme tune.

What kids TV did you watch? Let me know!

I Have Never: Part Two

My last post was “I have never” (if you missed it heres a linkĀ I Have Never) and so many of you asked for a part two, so here it is. Again, disclaimer, some of these may shock you so please don’t hate me. I know I am missing out on SO many pop culture references but here we go. I have never…

  • Used an iPhone. I’ve always had Androids. The only downside to this is the emoji differences which is quite frankly a disgrace from Androids part.
  • Been to a wedding, nothing more I can really say about this one other than asking you if I’m missing out or if it’s not that exciting.
  • Been drunk. Yes I am a uni student, I know, shocking! I just don’t like alcohol that much and I don’t like the thought of being drunk.
  • Watched an episode of Eastenders or Coronation Street. I just have never cared about them.
    Now for the shocking ones… brace yourselves
  • I have never seen Friends. I know, I know, I don’t understand how I missed it either, but I don’t know who Joey is or why he doesn’t share food
  • My Disney film repertoire is lacking, I’ve not seen The Little Mermaid or Sleeping Beauty. This extends to the extreme of never seeing The Lion King. Yes you read that right, The Lion King. I feel like I owe everyone an apology.


I Have Never…

For those of you who don’t know, I have never or never have I ever, depending on what you call it, is a game the youth play to basically find out your darkest secrets and/or to get drunk. I thought it’d be fun to do a blog post about all the things I have never done. Some of the things I have never done will shock/disgust/annoy you so please don’t hate me by the end of this post, see it as a list of things I am going to do in the future.

So. I have never:

  • Seen Titanic. Yeah you read that right. I don’t know who Jack or Rose are.
  • Read or seen any Harry Potters. I know, this is a British cultural phenomenon, but it never interested me and quite frankly still doesn’t.
  • Seen Lord of the Rings. Again, doesn’t interest me.
  • Seen Star Wars. Again, doesn’t interest me. However every other uni lecture is about sodding Star Wars so one of these days I’ll probablty have to watch it.
  • Been to Burger King. Bit of a random one, but there we go
  • Been further north in the UK than Birmingham.

I apologise if some of this has disgusted you, and you’ll be even more disgusted to learn that this isn’t even everything… if you’d like me to do a second part of what I’ve never done let me know.