This is the tale of a love I lost that still hurts me to this day, my heart was broken.

No. I’m joking that isn’t what this is about. THE BLOODY CRANEFLIES ARE BACK PEOPLE.

Last year I wrote about the horrendous ordeal I went through trying to remove a cranefly from my room in a post titled “Creatures of the Night”  and you will be pleased to hear the situation has happened again. I on the other hand am not pleased. I am incredibly annoyed.

Over the last few days I’ve caught glimpses of a cranefly, doing it’s usual disgusting thing of making pattery noises and having hideous long legs and disgusting wings. In an ideal world I would have removed it by now. But life is cruel and this cranefly keeps vanishing, I have no idea how I keep losing it, one minute I can see it, I go to grab my weapon of choice, this time not a folder but an old slipper, and it’s gone. WHERE DOES IT GO?! I search high and low for it, shaking every surface, turning my phone torch on and off, and it doesn’t appear, so I give up and sit back on my bed. THEN IT APPEARS AGAIN. I’m being mocked by an insect.

So every night I have to go to bed knowing there’s a cranefly in my bedroom. Maybe tonight will be my lucky night and this time this cranefly won’t be the one that got away and I will be victorious in getting rid of it…the key word here is maybe. Maybe.


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